How to care for an ailing parent

Do you have an ailing parent? Is your father or mother in a hospital?

If yes, we share a common concern. My father, Cesar Villariba, is sick with a number of body pains. First, he has a slipped disc and cannot move without help. Second he has
so much phlegm and coughs a lot. Third, his most painful concern – being dependent entirely on my mother for all his needs. The loss of independence has been a severe blow to his self-esteem. Having been the leader in our community for six decades, since the 1950’s, my father has been active in various fields : agriculture, church, coconut industry, education and politics. Now, in his 80’s, he has to stay in bed and be taken cared of.

So how does my mother cope? With unconditional love and patience. In the hospital, Tatay would complain about all the medicine he needs to take. You hear him coughing and telling my mother that he wants to eat but cannot eat. My mother is 79 years old and had recovered from flu but she has no rest because she had to attend to my father.

What can you do when you have both parents in stressful situation? Quality care comes when you realize that your parents need you now.

You start with the hope that they will recover their strength because the secret is in our bodies. I brought the great grandchildren, Andrea and Patricia, to do bodytalk access on my father. Bodytalk access is an energy medicine and it is effective. I taught Andrea, 4 years old, to tap my father’s head and heart so she can stabilize him. She has fresh energy and she did what I showed her, tapping the cortices and sternum. Then I brought many teenagers, Ayen, Krisha,Pia, Jojo, Ian, Julienne,Felisha, Krisel and Tetet to visit my parents in the hospital. There were so many of them that the hospital security refused to allow the girls who came in groups. The whole Villariba clan numbers around 80 and we sneek in 20 grandchildren. With their hands pointing to my father, I told them to generate healing energies, sending a stream of love to my father.

On Saturday and Sunday, I brought Kath and Olivia, our visiting scholars from the US, to visit Tatay. I had Olivia tapping Tatay on the head and heart until he could relax and feel the fresh energy of Olivia. It worked very well and my father’s mood turned positive. He was happy with Olivia and we continued the healing session.

The bodytalk session is one practice anyone can learn easily. It allows the brain to choose what it needs to do at once – balance the health needs of the body. It allows the whole body to talk to each organ and check it’s health. This is good for all, young and old. Talking and listening to one’s body is the secret to health and long life

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