a blog for vicki belo , another version

i have a mischievous synapse in my guts today. to release electricity, i thought of vicki and start a conversation : ” madame belo, you are a goddess and have made many women look beautiful beyond their bulging purses and sagging dreams , for a woman whose goal is to be the best in the business of psyching up women and men to spend their money on looking fabulous, you are not acting sassy now.”

so let me join you in the same flight you took to avoid shame. vicki, i am listening to your wombheart. i will not advise nor seek your attention as a friend. you and i do not share any meaningful affair for am too cautious to get a hayden but i will do one good deed. i will be around when you want to be angry, when you want to know why hayden did what he did : capturing on video his lust and exhibiting his seeming prowess, flaunting his juvenile masculine power over women. yes, i can accept what you said ” hayden makes me happy.” there is nothing in this world that can match that happiness that you get when hayden is with you. that much his mother knows.

having accepted that lust hayden offers, perhaps you can look deeper into the issue at hand : the sex videos hayden collects and exhibits. these videos are online and no known power on earth will erase or delete those videos. your own video may find its way into cyberspace and more people will be aroused to throw you into the dirt. that is a battle you may err to do with many women like what you do now. .but caution is necessary.  jo ann maglipon says it all ” sex videos diminish us all”. i will not nudge you with many studies on psychological and sexual disorders nor try to convince you of the impact of pornography on young minds and hearts.i will not stress violence against women. i shall simply say ”  amore, listen  to your inner soul.”

so what is the point of this blog, granting me a moment in your precious state? see hayden as a boy lost in the randy fields ? yes he needs help but not in the way you protect him. let hayden go. let hayden be the man he may become : responsible for his actions. let go of his power over you. love doesnt come from him. he inflicts lust like a whip on your womb.

vicki, you have enormous resources. go to nepal or bhutan and learn how the nepalese and bhutan breath happiness. go to places where people, especially women are respected and love for who they are, not for what their purses can yield. maybe you can dedicate some of your money and energy to the pursuit of grace.  cross over to  womankind and forgive yourself. there is an italian word for it : attraversiamo. the tagalog word is, tumawid ka na.

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One Comment on “a blog for vicki belo , another version”

  1. Daisy Valerio Says:

    Hi, Girlie! Ganda nito, ah!!! Gandang starting material para sa isang nobela on women’s emancipation.

    Thanks for this.

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