Exercise and Fun

This week, all of us got sick with a cold virus. it wasnt the swine flu nor avian flu but it did get us  sneezing and coughing.  it started with Nadine Romano who came from lucena with a severe cold. I caught it, then Ed and then Ayen. I did bodytalk access on myself, on Ed and on Ayen. We drank lots of kalamansi  and ginger juice, took vitamin C and lagundi tablets.  We went to sleep for long hours. All these measures helped but the one best thing that got us well again was going to movies and walking, walking around. Exercise and fun combined with lots of juices  and good soup made the difference. We were no longer ill.

So for all those who get sick, try to have fun, do some walking around the house and garden. If you have some energy, see a movie at home or walk to the nearest movie theatre and spend your day trekking in space like Star Trek. Ed and I didnt miss a day though at some points we needed to sleep and hug each other to stop our sneezing and running noses. Now all of us are free of the virus. Cure takes the form of fun and exercise.

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