Staying married and in love

may 15 is our wedding anniversary. ed and i celebrated it with a movie date yesterday  and brought ayen and angela. we wanted to see  “angels and demons ” but the movie was sold out.   we didnt want the last full show so we saw  “star trek”. inside the movie, ed and ayen held my hand on each side and we enjoyed the space wars.  then i remembered all the movies ed and i went to, from manila to amsterdam to london. movies form part of our love life conversations. i grew up going to movies in lucena.  so when we came home late  after ” star trek “, ayen still caught the middle part of ” four weddings and a funeral ” on cable tv.  ed and i decided to watch it with ayen.  as we watched there was  an eulogy in the movie that resonated with us ” You are my north, my south,my east and west… you are my work, my sunday rest… and so on .”

i told ed “let’s do that now and recite a similar vow.”  ed  responded ” you too.”  the morning after,  we are blogging about our vows . if i were to celebrate our 30th year in a community to declare my love for ed, here is what i will say:  “you are my real and virtual operating system,  my software and hardware, my anti-virus and spyware, my portal, my main power in all the work i do.  you are my lifelong storyteller, my partner in all the learning  journeys in this life and beyond. you are my bodytalk access, my wellness, my healing source. together, we will paint on each other’s needs and wishes with rainbow colours and fine brushes . we will continue allowing  for organic time apart, for  fertile  mental and  emotional spaces to grow. i pray for enough trust and thrust to energize us and minimum systems loss . i pray  to be daring  and pro-active in each other’s goal setting and adventures.i hope to sustain our  love enterprise  as we explore all kinds of love forms. ..”  then ed and i  will send everyone an adu pancar , a biopower surge learned in tetada kalimasada so that people witnessing the vow will know how it feels to seal love with bioelectricity.

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