Mother’s Day and kids

This May 10, we celebrated Mother’s day in Lucena. i went home with Mara and her son Gavin to greet Nanay Flotie and my sisters Lisa, Jojie, Mina and Ate Fedy who has nurtured us all for five decades and never got married. Mother Flotie is 79 years old and we hope she will live to a ripe age of 90. We had all our comfort food, tamales, doughnuts and bohol cookies for the pasalubong. Upon reaching Lucena, our mother was ready with her feast : all our favorite dishes, from fern-mango salad, gabi laing, relyenong bangus, spaghetti, tinola, roasted chicken to crispy pata, inihaw na isda and lots of tamales, too. we had watermelons and chocolate cake. our father Iba couldnt go up the dining table due to his scoliosis so we went down to greet and kiss him.

then we went to pueblo por la playa in pagbilao, owned by procy alcala for swimming and trekking. it was procy’s treat for the whole family. only six kids came with us since everyone had other engagements for the day. ceres and her family went to pasig and celebrated rey romano’s birthday with his own mother necita romano. ayen joined them while ed arrive from cebu and found all his women out of the house. so ed decided to blog about Inay in quezon city.

i brought andrea bigyan , lisa’s grandchild to the beach in pueblo.  andrea is three years and had a bad cough. so i did the bodytalk access on her. she was coughing with a lot of phlegm and i told her not to swim, only to walk around the beach and inhale sea air. as i was talking to rep. procy alcala about his micro-hydro plant, i saw all the kids jumping into the pool.  i walked fast to the pool and saw andrea wading. i was a bit angry that she didnt keep her word about not swimming.  “Andrea, you have to come and as punishment, we will go home NOW.” i shouted.  Meekly, the child went up and she had only her panty. I scolded her “Dont you know you have a bad cold and wont make it to your ballet recital tomorrow?” “Si Tito Caloy po and nagsabi puede akong mag-swimming.” andrea explained. I glared at Caloy who defended his action “Eh basa na siya sa paglalaro kaya pinaswiming ko na.” “Basta, we will go home now as Caloyhelped Andrea wear her wet dress.” I was miffed that the child disobeyed me. I couldnt stopped scolding her especially when i saw her running nose.  I did a FAST AID on her by tapping her cortices and chest. then i calmed down and let her play near me. “Why am i so angry?”i reflected. Andrea is a child and what child can resist the wonderful infinity pool beside a glorious beach? she has been cooped up for a week in the city. here is the best place for healing and playing. What kind of a mother am i ? Is my authority so narrow ? is authority an issue? i know that allowing Andrea to play in the water for a brief moment is better than scolding her. mothers have big  issues about health of their family  but there are better ways to teach a child. so i made a promise to rewire myself for patience and help andrea get well. i let andrea play the whole afternoon until supper, then  we went home to lisa. andrea declared she went swimming to lisa. we smiled and put ehr to bed. on sunday, she dressed up for her ballet recital and was as pretty as a blue bell flower.

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