conversations on healing and fr. suarez

yesterday, i joined the thousands of people wanting to be healed by fr. suarez in claret. my girls jocelyn and angela went early to get good seats. angela came home after an hour to get a drink .”Ate, there are so many sick people lining up and we cant go in until those in wheel chairs have been attended to.” announced Angela. so i decided to wait until they had been healed. i wonder how many people got healed because they believed they would.

around 2.30 pm. the two came home. “There is no more queue,Ate, you can go now.” so i brought my ID and walked to the church. there were no more people in the streets and when i went in, there were around a hundred waiting. i brought my camera and lined up. i saw Fr.Suarez,whom i saw was tired and catching his breath. there were many volunteers and we were guided to a semi-circle to wait for the laying of the hands. i stood beside a young woman. “What will happen po?” she asked me. “”Oh Fr. Suarez will touch us and we may feel something like an electric current. ” “Is that something to fear ?” anxiously she inquired.”This is my first time. Kayo po?” “I had a similar experience but this one is my first with Fr.Suarez. Just open yourself to a good will be fine.” I comforted the young woman. then our turn came and a little energy embraced me. a woman caught me behind and i didnt fall but sat down to rest. I saw Fr.Suarez hugging the young woman and the next guy. he seemed affectionate and I started taking photos. people were falling and the volunteers lining them up on the floor. I followed  Fr.Suarez and  saw him sitting near the fan,taking a break. he was visibly exhausted. he closed his eyes and prayed. i wanted to offer bodytalk access to him and respond to his recharging need (like a pasa load ) but a boy approached him and started talking to him while everyone as waiting. i didnt want to attract any attention so i silently sent him my energy. then he stood up and made his rounds. all the volunteers stood around him for their healing turn. and then he went to the sacristy and everyone was smiling. there were many church volunteers, young and old and the choir kept singing joyfully even after the session. there were rich and poor people praying and they seemed happy.

I felt some tears and thought “there are so many good people here wanting to be healed, i really hope they got what they wished.”  I prayed. as I went out of the church, a young woman with a baby was running, “Is Fr. Suarez still there?” she inquired. “Wala na po. he finished the healing sesssion. Maybe you can ask Fr. Martin the parish priest if you can still catch Fr.Suarez.”    I offered. in my mind I  sensed  the child wanting comfort but couldnt just offer to do bodytalk since the mother was looking for Fr. Suarez.  she saw Fr. Martin who blessed her and the child. I saw her disappointed, ” Sayang, I waited for this but had to get lunch at 1.30pm. I didnt know it would end right away.” she told me. how many mothers felt this way? how many  Fr. Suarez do we need to heal the sick and needy ?

health and illness can move people to form a community. this is what i saw in  claret church and wished there were many fr.suarez in our government. i prayed that our leaders discover the healing gifts and share it generously to all. i prayed that the volunteers who made the services open to all and showed good management skills in guiding the people will remain inspired and use their skills to set our nation on a healing path. amen.

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