compassion and happiness

sunday best thoughts; are we a compassionate people ?

 today at mass, i listened to the message of the priest celebrating mass.  “I am not a perfect person. I commit sins and have to ask for understanding.” ” the priest told the community. my thoughts wandered to the question of sinners :   Who is more sinful : those who commit murder by plundering our public treasures or those serial murderers who rape and strangle old women? some will say the plunderers. feminists will link the plundering to  violent rape of all.

i am not a theologian but i can count the worthiness or unworthiness of actions. perhaps sin is not a measurable category. so if i were to interrogate  the priest on perfect and imperfect behavior, i would use compassion, not sin, as the trait we should develop more.

compassion,in my terms, is based on the golden rule plus the notion that what  brings happiness is  “what you want to be, what you want others to be ,  do unto you.” so what do i want to be ? a compassionate person and a happy person. i want others to be compassionate towards me and be happy. how do we practice compassion?  each day, do five things that make people happy. start the day by smiling to loved ones, to friends, to strangers. greet the sun, the rain, the water we drink, the food we eat. ask for blessings for the people who deliver your news, your pan de sal, your fish and eggs. water the plants in the garden and thank them for they are sentient beings and give you oxygen. breath green and be grateful there is clean air. do your work without grudges and nudge people out of their stress. wrap up the day with a smile and a good meal with family. spend the evening singing or dancing.  this will be a happy day you will have each time you begin to live compassionately.

what will compassion bring to our people? certainly many blessings. if filipinos do a lot of compassionate giving , the world will count this a special currency and rate us a top service destination. if our women have become the world’s top competent compassion givers, we can rate our GNP and HDI based on the accumulation of good and happiness we bring to the world.

acknowledging us a nation of compassionate people can be sunday’s best sermon.

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One Comment on “compassion and happiness”

  1. dankirkland Says:

    I read and enjoyed this post. Keep up the good work!

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