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a blog for vicki belo , another version

May 28, 2009

i have a mischievous synapse in my guts today. to release electricity, i thought of vicki and start a conversation : ” madame belo, you are a goddess and have made many women look beautiful beyond their bulging purses and sagging dreams , for a woman whose goal is to be the best in the business of psyching up women and men to spend their money on looking fabulous, you are not acting sassy now.”

so let me join you in the same flight you took to avoid shame. vicki, i am listening to your wombheart. i will not advise nor seek your attention as a friend. you and i do not share any meaningful affair for am too cautious to get a hayden but i will do one good deed. i will be around when you want to be angry, when you want to know why hayden did what he did : capturing on video his lust and exhibiting his seeming prowess, flaunting his juvenile masculine power over women. yes, i can accept what you said ” hayden makes me happy.” there is nothing in this world that can match that happiness that you get when hayden is with you. that much his mother knows.

having accepted that lust hayden offers, perhaps you can look deeper into the issue at hand : the sex videos hayden collects and exhibits. these videos are online and no known power on earth will erase or delete those videos. your own video may find its way into cyberspace and more people will be aroused to throw you into the dirt. that is a battle you may err to do with many women like what you do now. .but caution is necessary.  jo ann maglipon says it all ” sex videos diminish us all”. i will not nudge you with many studies on psychological and sexual disorders nor try to convince you of the impact of pornography on young minds and hearts.i will not stress violence against women. i shall simply say ”  amore, listen  to your inner soul.”

so what is the point of this blog, granting me a moment in your precious state? see hayden as a boy lost in the randy fields ? yes he needs help but not in the way you protect him. let hayden go. let hayden be the man he may become : responsible for his actions. let go of his power over you. love doesnt come from him. he inflicts lust like a whip on your womb.

vicki, you have enormous resources. go to nepal or bhutan and learn how the nepalese and bhutan breath happiness. go to places where people, especially women are respected and love for who they are, not for what their purses can yield. maybe you can dedicate some of your money and energy to the pursuit of grace.  cross over to  womankind and forgive yourself. there is an italian word for it : attraversiamo. the tagalog word is, tumawid ka na.


Exercise and Fun

May 19, 2009

This week, all of us got sick with a cold virus. it wasnt the swine flu nor avian flu but it did get us  sneezing and coughing.  it started with Nadine Romano who came from lucena with a severe cold. I caught it, then Ed and then Ayen. I did bodytalk access on myself, on Ed and on Ayen. We drank lots of kalamansi  and ginger juice, took vitamin C and lagundi tablets.  We went to sleep for long hours. All these measures helped but the one best thing that got us well again was going to movies and walking, walking around. Exercise and fun combined with lots of juices  and good soup made the difference. We were no longer ill.

So for all those who get sick, try to have fun, do some walking around the house and garden. If you have some energy, see a movie at home or walk to the nearest movie theatre and spend your day trekking in space like Star Trek. Ed and I didnt miss a day though at some points we needed to sleep and hug each other to stop our sneezing and running noses. Now all of us are free of the virus. Cure takes the form of fun and exercise.

Staying married and in love

May 16, 2009

may 15 is our wedding anniversary. ed and i celebrated it with a movie date yesterday  and brought ayen and angela. we wanted to see  “angels and demons ” but the movie was sold out.   we didnt want the last full show so we saw  “star trek”. inside the movie, ed and ayen held my hand on each side and we enjoyed the space wars.  then i remembered all the movies ed and i went to, from manila to amsterdam to london. movies form part of our love life conversations. i grew up going to movies in lucena.  so when we came home late  after ” star trek “, ayen still caught the middle part of ” four weddings and a funeral ” on cable tv.  ed and i decided to watch it with ayen.  as we watched there was  an eulogy in the movie that resonated with us ” You are my north, my south,my east and west… you are my work, my sunday rest… and so on .”

i told ed “let’s do that now and recite a similar vow.”  ed  responded ” you too.”  the morning after,  we are blogging about our vows . if i were to celebrate our 30th year in a community to declare my love for ed, here is what i will say:  “you are my real and virtual operating system,  my software and hardware, my anti-virus and spyware, my portal, my main power in all the work i do.  you are my lifelong storyteller, my partner in all the learning  journeys in this life and beyond. you are my bodytalk access, my wellness, my healing source. together, we will paint on each other’s needs and wishes with rainbow colours and fine brushes . we will continue allowing  for organic time apart, for  fertile  mental and  emotional spaces to grow. i pray for enough trust and thrust to energize us and minimum systems loss . i pray  to be daring  and pro-active in each other’s goal setting and adventures.i hope to sustain our  love enterprise  as we explore all kinds of love forms. ..”  then ed and i  will send everyone an adu pancar , a biopower surge learned in tetada kalimasada so that people witnessing the vow will know how it feels to seal love with bioelectricity.

Mother’s Day and kids

May 11, 2009

This May 10, we celebrated Mother’s day in Lucena. i went home with Mara and her son Gavin to greet Nanay Flotie and my sisters Lisa, Jojie, Mina and Ate Fedy who has nurtured us all for five decades and never got married. Mother Flotie is 79 years old and we hope she will live to a ripe age of 90. We had all our comfort food, tamales, doughnuts and bohol cookies for the pasalubong. Upon reaching Lucena, our mother was ready with her feast : all our favorite dishes, from fern-mango salad, gabi laing, relyenong bangus, spaghetti, tinola, roasted chicken to crispy pata, inihaw na isda and lots of tamales, too. we had watermelons and chocolate cake. our father Iba couldnt go up the dining table due to his scoliosis so we went down to greet and kiss him.

then we went to pueblo por la playa in pagbilao, owned by procy alcala for swimming and trekking. it was procy’s treat for the whole family. only six kids came with us since everyone had other engagements for the day. ceres and her family went to pasig and celebrated rey romano’s birthday with his own mother necita romano. ayen joined them while ed arrive from cebu and found all his women out of the house. so ed decided to blog about Inay in quezon city.

i brought andrea bigyan , lisa’s grandchild to the beach in pueblo.  andrea is three years and had a bad cough. so i did the bodytalk access on her. she was coughing with a lot of phlegm and i told her not to swim, only to walk around the beach and inhale sea air. as i was talking to rep. procy alcala about his micro-hydro plant, i saw all the kids jumping into the pool.  i walked fast to the pool and saw andrea wading. i was a bit angry that she didnt keep her word about not swimming.  “Andrea, you have to come and as punishment, we will go home NOW.” i shouted.  Meekly, the child went up and she had only her panty. I scolded her “Dont you know you have a bad cold and wont make it to your ballet recital tomorrow?” “Si Tito Caloy po and nagsabi puede akong mag-swimming.” andrea explained. I glared at Caloy who defended his action “Eh basa na siya sa paglalaro kaya pinaswiming ko na.” “Basta, we will go home now as Caloyhelped Andrea wear her wet dress.” I was miffed that the child disobeyed me. I couldnt stopped scolding her especially when i saw her running nose.  I did a FAST AID on her by tapping her cortices and chest. then i calmed down and let her play near me. “Why am i so angry?”i reflected. Andrea is a child and what child can resist the wonderful infinity pool beside a glorious beach? she has been cooped up for a week in the city. here is the best place for healing and playing. What kind of a mother am i ? Is my authority so narrow ? is authority an issue? i know that allowing Andrea to play in the water for a brief moment is better than scolding her. mothers have big  issues about health of their family  but there are better ways to teach a child. so i made a promise to rewire myself for patience and help andrea get well. i let andrea play the whole afternoon until supper, then  we went home to lisa. andrea declared she went swimming to lisa. we smiled and put ehr to bed. on sunday, she dressed up for her ballet recital and was as pretty as a blue bell flower.

conversations on healing and fr. suarez

May 6, 2009

yesterday, i joined the thousands of people wanting to be healed by fr. suarez in claret. my girls jocelyn and angela went early to get good seats. angela came home after an hour to get a drink .”Ate, there are so many sick people lining up and we cant go in until those in wheel chairs have been attended to.” announced Angela. so i decided to wait until they had been healed. i wonder how many people got healed because they believed they would.

around 2.30 pm. the two came home. “There is no more queue,Ate, you can go now.” so i brought my ID and walked to the church. there were no more people in the streets and when i went in, there were around a hundred waiting. i brought my camera and lined up. i saw Fr.Suarez,whom i saw was tired and catching his breath. there were many volunteers and we were guided to a semi-circle to wait for the laying of the hands. i stood beside a young woman. “What will happen po?” she asked me. “”Oh Fr. Suarez will touch us and we may feel something like an electric current. ” “Is that something to fear ?” anxiously she inquired.”This is my first time. Kayo po?” “I had a similar experience but this one is my first with Fr.Suarez. Just open yourself to a good will be fine.” I comforted the young woman. then our turn came and a little energy embraced me. a woman caught me behind and i didnt fall but sat down to rest. I saw Fr.Suarez hugging the young woman and the next guy. he seemed affectionate and I started taking photos. people were falling and the volunteers lining them up on the floor. I followed  Fr.Suarez and  saw him sitting near the fan,taking a break. he was visibly exhausted. he closed his eyes and prayed. i wanted to offer bodytalk access to him and respond to his recharging need (like a pasa load ) but a boy approached him and started talking to him while everyone as waiting. i didnt want to attract any attention so i silently sent him my energy. then he stood up and made his rounds. all the volunteers stood around him for their healing turn. and then he went to the sacristy and everyone was smiling. there were many church volunteers, young and old and the choir kept singing joyfully even after the session. there were rich and poor people praying and they seemed happy.

I felt some tears and thought “there are so many good people here wanting to be healed, i really hope they got what they wished.”  I prayed. as I went out of the church, a young woman with a baby was running, “Is Fr. Suarez still there?” she inquired. “Wala na po. he finished the healing sesssion. Maybe you can ask Fr. Martin the parish priest if you can still catch Fr.Suarez.”    I offered. in my mind I  sensed  the child wanting comfort but couldnt just offer to do bodytalk since the mother was looking for Fr. Suarez.  she saw Fr. Martin who blessed her and the child. I saw her disappointed, ” Sayang, I waited for this but had to get lunch at 1.30pm. I didnt know it would end right away.” she told me. how many mothers felt this way? how many  Fr. Suarez do we need to heal the sick and needy ?

health and illness can move people to form a community. this is what i saw in  claret church and wished there were many fr.suarez in our government. i prayed that our leaders discover the healing gifts and share it generously to all. i prayed that the volunteers who made the services open to all and showed good management skills in guiding the people will remain inspired and use their skills to set our nation on a healing path. amen.

compassion and happiness

May 3, 2009

sunday best thoughts; are we a compassionate people ?

 today at mass, i listened to the message of the priest celebrating mass.  “I am not a perfect person. I commit sins and have to ask for understanding.” ” the priest told the community. my thoughts wandered to the question of sinners :   Who is more sinful : those who commit murder by plundering our public treasures or those serial murderers who rape and strangle old women? some will say the plunderers. feminists will link the plundering to  violent rape of all.

i am not a theologian but i can count the worthiness or unworthiness of actions. perhaps sin is not a measurable category. so if i were to interrogate  the priest on perfect and imperfect behavior, i would use compassion, not sin, as the trait we should develop more.

compassion,in my terms, is based on the golden rule plus the notion that what  brings happiness is  “what you want to be, what you want others to be ,  do unto you.” so what do i want to be ? a compassionate person and a happy person. i want others to be compassionate towards me and be happy. how do we practice compassion?  each day, do five things that make people happy. start the day by smiling to loved ones, to friends, to strangers. greet the sun, the rain, the water we drink, the food we eat. ask for blessings for the people who deliver your news, your pan de sal, your fish and eggs. water the plants in the garden and thank them for they are sentient beings and give you oxygen. breath green and be grateful there is clean air. do your work without grudges and nudge people out of their stress. wrap up the day with a smile and a good meal with family. spend the evening singing or dancing.  this will be a happy day you will have each time you begin to live compassionately.

what will compassion bring to our people? certainly many blessings. if filipinos do a lot of compassionate giving , the world will count this a special currency and rate us a top service destination. if our women have become the world’s top competent compassion givers, we can rate our GNP and HDI based on the accumulation of good and happiness we bring to the world.

acknowledging us a nation of compassionate people can be sunday’s best sermon.

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