the secret life of plants

am recommending people to read the 1978 book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird  entitled “The Secret Life of Plants” . for the web savvy, google it and view the video documentary in 1978 by Walon Green. better download it first before watching .it runs for 98 minutes. stevie wonder did the soundtrack and one can google stevie wonder too.

the thesis is that “plants are sentient beings” . they can read our thoughts and be good to us if we know why they are alive .” there are pioneers who studied plants, from Paracelsus to Darwin, Steiner and Indian scientist Bose. the book cites many scientists and what their experiments taught them. i found the Baxter experiments interesting. Baxter used the lie detectors to find out what the plants feel and respond to. he wired plants’ leaves and observed that the plants react  even when Baxter was away from his laboratory. there is also the japanese couple Dr. Ken Hashimoto who was head of Fuji Electronics. he and his wife  taught their cacti plants to learn japanese and count. even the russians used plants in   experiments to find out if the plant can identify a subject who killed another plant. it did.

i am intrigued by all the stories of these scientists. the book states why  biodynamic agriculture  is a most  important development. its value is the technology for realizing  we can be   partners with plantlife or systems  in food security and  climate change. this knowledge that plants are sentient beings   is  the ultimate challenge  as a Filipino green advocate. what joy to do plant talk and harvest the goodness in all our plants and trees.   when the secret life of plants become common sense or good sense, many of us will never  go hungry and undernourished. even when solving ecological  crimes, we can trust plants to record who did what and where.  all our foresters will be assisted by the trees who watch over the forests .becoming an earthling ,under the care of the flora and fauna in the universe will be our legacy when 2020 comes. that’s a future  i wish to live for. i will be seventy years old by then. ed will be 77 while  ayen will be 30. the twins edric and yohan will be 12 years old, old enough to explore the depth of earthly life.

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4 Comments on “the secret life of plants”

  1. Michael Says:

    Nice insight. It is hard for so many people to accept that the world is made up of more than just themselves. I read this book in its first printing.

    This is the first time in all those years someone has talked about it. It should be manditory reading, helping people to learn how to be grateful for the things that die so we may live.


  2. Ishrath Says:

    I am currently re-reading this lovely book and could not agree more with your write-up. It is indeed a fascinating book that has helped me love my plants more. It helped me realise a lot of things that lie within. And that we are never alone.

  3. Hank Belopavlovich Says:

    I used this book as a resource when I taught a mental self development course called the Silva Method back in the 80’s . Part of the course develops the ability to project ones mind into the animate matter kingdom [plants] and use the information gained to help solve problems at our level of reality.I am re-reading this book as I am attending a master gardening class and directing my attention once again to this kingdom of reality. I can hardly wait to apply my learned techniques of days gone by to todays world.

  4. […] Training Plants to Talk – Dr. an Mrs. Hashimoto teaches cacti the Japanese alphabet (4:55 – 6:14, 5 of 11) […]

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