wellness and illness

yesterday on our way to quezon city, i did all the bodytalk access on ed. ed wasnt feeling ill but he was red as a tomato. i thought the rash was a food allergy but he wasnt feeling sick.ed was his usual self,thinking fast and talking well. so i thought it must be the summer heat and i kept giving him water to cool him. i talked to his spine by tapping his crown and heart. i tapped his back continuously until we boarded the fast ferry to batangas.

ed went to sleep on the boat while i reviewed what i learned about wellness and illness. being healthy is not just the ability to live and function well. it is also about listening to body signals. it is learning when to press the healing key when one gets ill. daily stress can bring both illness and death. i remember ayen telling me about the recent deaths of two friends. they died due to asthma attacks. ayen felt very bad about their sudden deaths and i can sympathise with her. the only advise i give her is to be mindful of her bodytalk. i told her the many signals that our body provides but are unattended. i have studied so many body signals and the most valuable is pain. it may start with discomfort or some unease. when i feel a change in one’s mood, it is a signal from the brain that something is not in synch. people dismiss feelings of unease and tell oneself  ” it is just in the mind, dont worry.” but the brain has an advance scanner and it is in the limbic system. there are many communication networks inside us and the limbic system is the call center. so i always tell ayen ” pay attention to how you feel.”

so when ed and i got home, i called my  dermatologist sister  ceres to check what ed’s redness could be. with ceres’ instructions, i check behind ed’s ears and felt a little lump. “that’s a viral rash,” ceres said ” please give him vitamin c and an antihistamine for three days .” it will be over in three days and if he doesnt have any itchiness, just have him rest. ” diagnosed ceres. we all sighed in relief and ed went to prepare his documents for KL.

ed doesnt always get his body signals right , so  i play  call center and  give him feedback. that is part of  our bodytalk. we need each other to read each other’s health signs. that is  the reason why wellness is a social endeavour. when one is well, the people around you see and feel it.  our energy is a precious resource and wellness is its main talk.

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