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Honor Thy Mothers

February 25, 2009

this march, even when it is still february, we should honor all our mothers. when i saw how many women came to pray and give their respects to Inay, as activists, all our time is filled with big issues and public outcries. we want to change the world . we announce to all that we bring hope. but we seldom share our time with our families nor go out of our way to celebrate our mothers’ lives. when Inay crossed over, ed and yen were with her. ayen and i were in quezon city ,yeyi and minette were in singapore. all the virtual platforms buzzed with her passing but there is no greater tribute than to be with Inay when she crossed over. i asked Inay during the time i was not in naujan if i was a good daughter and did i served well? she she replied ”  Yes. You love everyone I love well, continue to take care of ayen, yeyi ,minette and the twins. love unconditionally eddie and yen.”  i texted ed that after that night she died, it took 24 hours until i could let her passing sink. i lighted all the candles in our garden from the time she died  at 12.10 on friday the 13th until her 9th day. and waited for her bilins.

then her list came, the people she wanted to be present when her services in bantayog ng mga bayani would be held. more than a hundred were contacted thru sms and calls. more than two hundred came. families came, members of congregations and ngos came. i could not have organized such a gathering in seven days if Inay didnt help me. there were people i had not seen since 1960’s and couldnt not know how to contact them. Inay was at work and called them all. even hilda narciso shared” Inay got me to bring her 1983 panorama interview by dennis murphy. it was  in my collection in mindanao and i packed it in my bag together with many materials. on the day meth saw me in bantayog, we found the magazine on the table!” Inay’s signature was manifesting in all the tables laden with food. naujan wake run to 6 days, all the people came and got fed. during the memorial service in bantayog ,we organized a menu with jess and lina sison for 130, benny dela lune for another 100,  the villariba clan from quezon and bulacan brought breakfast , friends brought cakes, pancit and various food .  it was a sunday and families came to spend the time with us. we thanked all who came for the tribute.

so all of you who still havent realized our mothers love us unconditionally, here and there after, please remember all of our Inay and honor them with love. they are ever present, watching us, feeding us.


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