Good news for everyone. to start the year, wellness is our priority. and so on jan.15 we held a healing day at bantayog and isis. ed and i sponsored with Myrla Baldonado , Alliance of US Bases Clean-up, two demonstrations of  Bodytalk Access with Dorothy Friesen our  certified practitioner from Chicago.  Bodytalk access has three core tasks ABC : Asking the body its healing priorities, Balancing all its needs, and
Communicating to the whole system what it can do to sustain wellness.  when these three processes are in progress, Bodytalk proceeds to conduct five methods called protocols: Cortices,Switching,Hydration, Body Chemistry and Reciprocals. dorothy demonstrated it on a friend ,Agnes Rio, who survived a massive stroke in cambodia.  dorothy asked agnes abouyt her state, her breathing and any pain in her body. agnes said that she has a difficulty in breathing and has a pain in her left leg. then dorothy  tapped  on agnes ‘s head and sternum with simple hand gestures and explained that she is activating the left and right brain communication system. the whole demonstration to ease  agnes’ breathing and leg pain took 30 minutes and the result was impressive. agnes was happy about her new state and you could see the effect on her right away.

The BodyTalk is based on a synthesis of both Eastern and Western medicine and they describe it as energy medicine. dorothy said it does not simply combine the eastern and western medicine but continues to study the role of quantum physics in our health. we asked her how the healing happens when there is little physical effort and there is no medication or major medical protocol involved. dorothy cited several cases of healing, from third degree burns to recovery from severe diabetes. she said that we have five senses and these senses go beyond the normal perception. for example, diabetes can be seen as a conflict with ‘ the sweetness of life” and the body is unable to produce insulin. when the bodytalk practitioner conducts diagnoses, she has to go through a history of the person’s life, tracing the roots of her family’s stories and predisposition to ‘sweet facts of life.” there is a body memory that the bodytalk practitioner tries to access ,much like the psychotherapy protocols and uses biofeedback to obtain a Yes or No.

in isis balai, while dorothy was demosntrating to another group of women healers, i took care of zoey, my one year old apo from a nephew. i tapped her head and heart and she started walking and running around the house. she even found the stars and started saying, “star”. as a one year old, she had a lot of curiousity and found the computer, learned how to tap it until she press the start up button. i ask dorothy about zoey ” Zoey keeps falling down when walking but she continues to walk and run even when she knows it is risky.” She is very alert and fearless (she kept running to the stairs and climbing the windows). Yes, she doesnt want to control herself when exploring her environment, unlike us adults who think we can control everything that we do with our bodies.control and fear go together, so when you let go, the body communicates to its system for balance, the fear disappears and you discover many wonderful things about life ,” dorothy explains.

as i listen to zoey laugh whenever she found new things in the house, i often wonder, can we regain that sense of wonder and joy we used to have when we were children? is that the source of our wellness, being innocent and happy with everything we see, touch and feel ? if zoey can find leaves so wonderful ( she kept touching them and laughing), is this zest for simple things what we need to be recover ?

there are still many questions ed and i have of body healing modalities but it is good to know that there is a system of energy medicine, meaning we dont have to be gifted healers to learn it. we also dont have to be doctors or specialists. bodytalk training is somewhat simpler, for the bodytalk access, one day will be enough. for the more adequate knowledge and certification as technician , five days will be enough . the practice required is six months with a hundred persons, then one takes the written exam and the physical demonstration test.

there are one day training schedules for january 24 and feb. 7. dorothy is training people in quezon city, in clark, in batangas and pampanga. those interested, please contact me asap.

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