This  Christmas season means many things for me. It is the opportunity for our family in Naujan and in Lucena to get together and share meals, the time for thanking everyone ( all the mothers and parents) in the household and at work  :  ELf, La Liga,Isis, ,PRRM, Go Organics, NEA, Balay Mindanao, PBAZ, PBAA, Quedan, Angelworm, FPE,ARC, etc.) for being supportive and productive ;

Ed and i take this occasion for reflecting on the year’s lessons by blogging  to make our learning bigger than our experiences

This is also the chance to see family online because they are overseas , learning  Skype, Facebook chat & maximizing website platforms to exchange energies and love with Yen in Puerto Rico, Yeyi & Minette in Singapore, Caloy in Saudi, Deeda & Jason in New Jersey, Melo & Maebel in San Francisco, Peter in Liverpool ;

The time to dress up children who are descamisados due to  poverty and have fun with them;

Remembering and  greeting  overseas friends whose families have been part of our community  ( Chato & Massimo, Pat Canlas, Neng Sancho, Delia Unson & Chuck, Juliet Virtusio,Cha & Chuchi, Roy & Yvonne, Marie, Nonoi & Brida ,etc.)the time to send them good energies;

Praying for desparicido families who are in mourning and  the time to light candles ; for survivors of tragedies and disasters,the reason to rever life and to share courage and hug them.

The time to count the issues one had worked passionately and collectively  this year, and shout MABUHAY together !
To tag all the people one  shared energies with  post messages and photos online, using Ed’s quip of ” From the Redbook to FACEBOOK .”

The time to plant healing plants in the name of Peace,Truth and Justice.

So with all my babaylan energies, ed, ayen and i wish everyone the multiple blessings we have been enjoying the whole year. May our new year be as blest.

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One Comment on “Xmas”

  1. Charito Basa Says:

    Dearest Girlie, Ed & Ayen,

    Max and I want to thank you for the greatest gift of love you’ve been giving us, and all your families and friends elsewhere. Reading your writings bring us all strength, love and energies to share with others.

    Happy Christmas and may you all be Blessed with more love and energy for 2009 and those to come!

    Love from Rome!

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