celebrating my 58th year

this december i told ed that i wanted to celebrate my 58th year with a lot of work on the ground,literally learning how to make the earth happy. i am excited with many opportunities to go organic, from eating wild rice to eating fresh herbs from my own garden. when i reached 50, my time started to fill up with caring for the sick, the dying and searching for people who disappeared. i had to learn how to cope with so much pain and mourning. i thought this must be the menopausal season. but upon reflection, i realized something in my sense of self was expanding. the sikolohiyang pilipino sense of kapwa and kalooban became palpable when i saw that i could reach out to people who cross beyond or they could reach me since i cannot call on them to appear when relatives request for a visit. i had to find a way to sustain my ebergy and that is how i came to discover going organic.

going organic means  releasing the fresh energy of the  soil,water and air in plants. going organic means  that anything that grows and is eaten by  living beings are free of poison. going organic is becoming a responsible member of the web of life and caring for it. going organic is more than being well. going organic is expanding one’s sense of kalooban and kapwa-tao.

have you ever touch soil, smell soil and tasted soil ? when we were children, i used to play with soil and mud, making cakes out of them. when it would rain, i would run and splash mud on playmates. i didnt mind walking on earth, in fact i was happy barefoot. when i saw my mother planting all kinds of flowering plants on our terrace, i took to caring for them. i ate flowers on my way to school and knew all the sweet ones along the path. though we lived in the town center, we were surrounded with trees and gardens. we could eat the kamias of our neighbor, pick aratiles, get as much mangoes and climb the kalachuchi tree.  growing up in a green lucena taught me to be aware of the land’s bounty, to respect all living things and be organic. i dont remember going to groceries  (now supermarkets) as a treat. going to farms, parks, rivers  and beaches were the real treats. we had fun  with growing things, from rice to mungo beans.we played with insects- ladybugs, dragon flies, butterflies. our family had  lots of pets – turtles, beetles, monkeys,and even a snake pet. we lived  organic in the 50s.

now that i am going to be a senior citizen, i plan to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. i am planting daily and touching the soil until it responds to my care. i am cleaning the clutter in our house and recycling. i am sharing what i learn about the expanding kalooban, what it takes to cross to an afterlife, and knowing one’s consciousness becomes a link to those whose minds can still be reached.

going organic means many things to us. for me it is simply living and loving well.

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