marky cielo,honoring him with love

this sunday as we were celebrating manny pacquiao’s triumph,word came to us that marky cielo died . ed and i couldnt believe the sms that came. at first, we thought may be he is on a trip and met an accident. my immediate impulse was to send a text to bob, his father and ask where we could go. dada and ompong already were on their way to fetch bob from his house. bob replied that he would send us word when he gets to the antipolo home of marky.

i suddenly felt very weak.  i couldnt even scan the inner mandala where i believe souls go when they first realize they are travelling across another life. i prayed and asked ed to monitor events. i had to run an errand for isis director who needs a home. so i hailed a cab to pick up cai yi ping and bring her to la rainne’s home, then to shinette’s home. in the process, i tried to compose myself for the time that bob will need my help.

thinking of marky, twenty years old made me also think of ayen, our 18 year old daughter. ayen and bonsai went together to denmark in 2006 and marky taught their group a dance. we saw marky when he was still very young, nicknamed boknoy and bob loved him very much. when he entered the gma star search, we all mobilized friends from luzon to mindanao to vote for him until he won. we all felt very proud of marky. even our little girl angela went around her school telling her friends that she knew marky.

now that he has crossed to another life, i can sense the  grief that mildred, his mother and bob, his father are suffering. i wrapped a book, Praying Our Goodbyes and requested leah ,our Elf assistant, to bring to bob and family. ed and i wish we could be physically with the family but we have an earlier engagement in cagayan de oro, where i am blogging now.

i asked myself, ” if i were mildred, what will i do?” i would asked permission to enter the mandala and ask where marky is. i would pray with marky until he is ready to travel to his final destination. i would embrace him with all my love and pray that he remembers us his family, that he feels all our love. i will pray that someday, he will be our guide to the next life.

but this is all in the afterlife. i would have to face this loss in this life. so what can i do to remember marky cielo? perhaps young people can respond to this question. questions open another door.  a new door open up to a  space that we havent thought of or imagine. what do we do to honor a person whom we love? dedicate work where young people can realize their life purpose in this life? develop friends among young people and learn from them how they view life? listen to what they want to express? take time to be with them?

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