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today i met a  sassy young blogger, izah morales of she came to the green launch of eco academy in la mesa dam. there were politicians and business leaders in the launch but i saw this young woman izah with her camera when she boarded the electric car for our tour of the eco park. she has the shining eyes that psychologists like me look for when in a learning environment.

izah asked tony and beth de castro and me for a short interview on the eco academy. we gave her the storyline on ” nature as the teacher and the ecopark as the whole academy. everyone is welcome in the eco academy, no entrance requirements. any child, teacher, leader, paren, citizen  can choose to study about nature e.g. composting, conservation, water management . people can have fun games  while learning what is organic. “afterwards, izah asked me “are you a blogger ?”  “of course” .” Ohh, could you tell me why you blog ? ”

so i rattled of what blogging brings to me.”blogging is a platform for me to link up to friends i have not met and friends i met sometime in the past but lost touch.  blogging is an activity that helps me write my experiences without being hemmed in by rules of composition. blogging allows me to get feedback in a short period of time after uploading it , instant reward which you don’t get in journal and magazine articles.”

“when did you start blogging?  why?”  pressed  izah. ” i met a feminist, leny, online and she wanted an article on babaylans. she was composing a book on babaylans and she requested me to contribute. she offered to blog my story and  asked me for my blogsite. ” i didnt have any at that time and she gave me her blogsite in blogger .com plus her password so we could converse in her blogsite. i read her blogs and started writing a few lines on babaylanship. that was two years ago. now i have four blogsites and i try to blog weekly. my husband ed  blogs daily and he has a big blogging circle now.”

smiling, i described  our generation as  senior  bloggers conversing online to catch shining eyes like hers.  young bloggers lead the scene but golden women and senior citizens like ed are catching up and enjoying the blogging platform. for us, it is like being in a open source community whose ideas and imagination are illuminating the creative commons, a term we use in knowledge circles.

izah and her generation are lucky to have open source platforms for their ideas and advocacies. the web generation have better channels in communication.they can link to millions by entering the web and get good feedback from their peers and other generations who collaborate in cyberspace. my daughter ayen does her homework in mathematics and chemistry online. she uses social networks well and has thousands of her photos uploaded so she can share her milestones to a wider public. that for me is an achievement, a resource her generation and izah’s could cultivate to a high level of inclusivity and connectivity. golden citizens like me and ed are grateful that it is also available to us. mabuhay ang mga bloggers!

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