iluminadas everywhere

am fascinated with enlightenment in this life. most budhhists and other religions believe that enlightenment is possible within one’s lifetime. when i was a child, my first lesson was that only saints can achieve this tru martyrdom. i often prayed in front of saints and only when i got to learn about other spiritual journeys did i saw illumination in many senses.

let me narrate core concepts from experiences and reflection. illumination or light is a scientific concept which takes many meanings. strictly , it is light as contrasted to darkness. if you use your mind as the starting point, the brain sees and the optic nerve serves as the delivery lens. but in neuroscience or brain studies, visual ability is in 30 sites, not just in our two eyes but inside all our senses. many experiments with the blind,  both congenitally blind and injured retinas indicate visual capacity in pathways identified as neurons and synapses. in simple terms, blind people can be rewired to see.

my own experience is in knowing or sensing people whom i have not met face to face. how is this possible? i cannot fully explain it but there is a right and left brain theory that develops the theory of consciousness. the literature is rich with stories of people who are -pre-cognitives, people who sense a future event, or see people they will meet in the future, or sense feelings from afar. there are  projects funded by the CIA and like minded agencies which use psi energies and train people to do remote sensing or spying. i chance upong reports on stargate which have been declassified and can be found online.

just last week, a friend, alex umali, texted me for help. his niece was shot in the head andwas comatose. i gave him assurance that i will pray for her, for as along as it takes to get his niece to survive. after two weeks, alex called to thank me for helping and validating what i told him about his niece. his niece was awake now and moving her right hand. she was shot in seattle and i only had her name. alex told me that he asked 18 people to pray for her.  he described us as being totally different  from each other but all accepted to pray.he was happy and became a believer. “now, i have put up a poster on my wall, telling me what is possible in this life.”

other friends had similar requests but they are still in progress and my iluminada energies are running still. so will keep blogging until the desired outcome is manifesting.

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