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young,golden & senior bloggers

November 26, 2008

today i met a  sassy young blogger, izah morales of she came to the green launch of eco academy in la mesa dam. there were politicians and business leaders in the launch but i saw this young woman izah with her camera when she boarded the electric car for our tour of the eco park. she has the shining eyes that psychologists like me look for when in a learning environment.

izah asked tony and beth de castro and me for a short interview on the eco academy. we gave her the storyline on ” nature as the teacher and the ecopark as the whole academy. everyone is welcome in the eco academy, no entrance requirements. any child, teacher, leader, paren, citizen  can choose to study about nature e.g. composting, conservation, water management . people can have fun games  while learning what is organic. “afterwards, izah asked me “are you a blogger ?”  “of course” .” Ohh, could you tell me why you blog ? ”

so i rattled of what blogging brings to me.”blogging is a platform for me to link up to friends i have not met and friends i met sometime in the past but lost touch.  blogging is an activity that helps me write my experiences without being hemmed in by rules of composition. blogging allows me to get feedback in a short period of time after uploading it , instant reward which you don’t get in journal and magazine articles.”

“when did you start blogging?  why?”  pressed  izah. ” i met a feminist, leny, online and she wanted an article on babaylans. she was composing a book on babaylans and she requested me to contribute. she offered to blog my story and  asked me for my blogsite. ” i didnt have any at that time and she gave me her blogsite in blogger .com plus her password so we could converse in her blogsite. i read her blogs and started writing a few lines on babaylanship. that was two years ago. now i have four blogsites and i try to blog weekly. my husband ed  blogs daily and he has a big blogging circle now.”

smiling, i described  our generation as  senior  bloggers conversing online to catch shining eyes like hers.  young bloggers lead the scene but golden women and senior citizens like ed are catching up and enjoying the blogging platform. for us, it is like being in a open source community whose ideas and imagination are illuminating the creative commons, a term we use in knowledge circles.

izah and her generation are lucky to have open source platforms for their ideas and advocacies. the web generation have better channels in communication.they can link to millions by entering the web and get good feedback from their peers and other generations who collaborate in cyberspace. my daughter ayen does her homework in mathematics and chemistry online. she uses social networks well and has thousands of her photos uploaded so she can share her milestones to a wider public. that for me is an achievement, a resource her generation and izah’s could cultivate to a high level of inclusivity and connectivity. golden citizens like me and ed are grateful that it is also available to us. mabuhay ang mga bloggers!


iluminadas everywhere

November 17, 2008

am fascinated with enlightenment in this life. most budhhists and other religions believe that enlightenment is possible within one’s lifetime. when i was a child, my first lesson was that only saints can achieve this tru martyrdom. i often prayed in front of saints and only when i got to learn about other spiritual journeys did i saw illumination in many senses.

let me narrate core concepts from experiences and reflection. illumination or light is a scientific concept which takes many meanings. strictly , it is light as contrasted to darkness. if you use your mind as the starting point, the brain sees and the optic nerve serves as the delivery lens. but in neuroscience or brain studies, visual ability is in 30 sites, not just in our two eyes but inside all our senses. many experiments with the blind,  both congenitally blind and injured retinas indicate visual capacity in pathways identified as neurons and synapses. in simple terms, blind people can be rewired to see.

my own experience is in knowing or sensing people whom i have not met face to face. how is this possible? i cannot fully explain it but there is a right and left brain theory that develops the theory of consciousness. the literature is rich with stories of people who are -pre-cognitives, people who sense a future event, or see people they will meet in the future, or sense feelings from afar. there are  projects funded by the CIA and like minded agencies which use psi energies and train people to do remote sensing or spying. i chance upong reports on stargate which have been declassified and can be found online.

just last week, a friend, alex umali, texted me for help. his niece was shot in the head andwas comatose. i gave him assurance that i will pray for her, for as along as it takes to get his niece to survive. after two weeks, alex called to thank me for helping and validating what i told him about his niece. his niece was awake now and moving her right hand. she was shot in seattle and i only had her name. alex told me that he asked 18 people to pray for her.  he described us as being totally different  from each other but all accepted to pray.he was happy and became a believer. “now, i have put up a poster on my wall, telling me what is possible in this life.”

other friends had similar requests but they are still in progress and my iluminada energies are running still. so will keep blogging until the desired outcome is manifesting.

friends whose minds bring you closer to God

November 15, 2008

this november  month has been full of remarkable conversations. friends with spiritual bouquets came to see  ed and me. so much soulwork  after a brief family vacation in boracay.

let me enumerate these spiritual garlands from friends. first on the list is migrant education in the form of chato basa, our only asian cavalieri in italy.nov. ist is chato basa’s birthday and she flew from rome to attend the global migrant forum on development, stayed with us and we went to the inafi fora together in aim. we reflected on how we started on the migrant trail and how far we got, defending the rights of women to  become citizens of  destination countries in the North. we remembered the struggles in the early 1980s  when govt agencies were not active on the migrant issues. we realized we have gone far in some levels and have accomplished some gains. now, global summits on migration are bIG on remittances and migrant labor policies. but many undocumented migrants still are suffering in developed countries and they keep working at subhuman conditions.

the next set of  good news are the friends who have persevered in international advocacies.  brida brennan, noi hacbang,malu padilla and rene nachura are our companions in the early years of international solidarity work.we had a long dinner at trimona pgx to celebrate our friendship  that grew since 1980. we  got  to sing, all the 60’s – 70’s songs, talk about our children who are now adults, remember all the friends who pioneered in building  the migrant platform.

the other night,ii had a long discussion with meth jimenez about the sagip pasig movement and her mission of greening the communities along the pasig river. she has already organized 15,000 people and have been able to document informal settlers all over metro manila. her photos of colonies under bridges make one feel very concerned that people live in such inhuman conditions. not even insects build “hanging nests” under bridges and toxic creeks.

then there are our artists friends – ning encarnacion tan, gilda cordero fernando and jun de leon. we had a fabulous lunch in Uno and talked about what makes the pinoy very inclusive and authentic. we ran through all the  individuals and celebrities whom we think and feel are worth our attention and energy, from pinoy nobility to pinoy icons such as  sharon cuneta to nora aunor. we kept digesting why people become change agents. jun de leon said that celebrities matter because the masses get inspired by imagining impossible deeds becoming possible. grassroots people want leaders to perform remarkable deeds, like barack obama becoming the first afro-american president in our lifetime.

other friends who gathered at our home were the la liga  and prrm colleagues who negotiated with the department of agriculture support for organic  farmers. right now, ed and i are preparing for the training of 600 farmers in six sites. it will be a support platform for the main program of rice sufficiency.

there were many other friends but this blog is getting long and i wish to take each blog as a Zen experience.

so let me close with the thought that, yes God is always manifesting in our friends. we  share life’s challenges with them and in doing so, do God’s daily work.

boracay sand,sounds,scents

November 1, 2008

it is almost advent and people are in need of a break from problems and stress. i suggest you go to boracay and enjoy the finest sand, sea music and the aroma of just being alive. boracay, our world famous island is still a haven for tired families.

last oct.27 our family of four flew to boracay. ayen asked us to bring her and her cousin kristel lacerna to boracay for a vacation. ed and i had been in boracay in 1994 with the education for life staff and families.  but ayen said that she doesnt remember that trip and so we decided, “let’s have a real vacation and review  our wish list ( ed’s 65 and my 57 wishes).” with our monthly pay, we blew it to treat our family.

the first thing you enjoy  from the air is the blue, turquoise waters of aklan. caticlan and boracay  look like gems from the skies. kristel, who was flying for the first time, got excited and ayen told her they would spend three days having fun on the beach.  the flight is 50 minutes from naia 3 and the  caticlan airport is nice with an efficient crew.. we boarded a tricycle for the boat ride station ( P50 pesos per tricycle) and the boat ride  (P25 pesos per pax) took ten minutes. i had asked the boat man if we were going to be carried by men on their shoulders and he smiled “No, we already have a port which allows us to land without  anyone getting wet.” in 1994, anyone could just land in any part of the beach and people would carry passengers on their shoulders for a fee to the shore. i had imagined myself sitting on the shoulders of a hulk to get to the shore. since 2000 i have gained extra weight and so i was relieved when i saw the boat ladder on the port landing. nice, i told myself, this is a good start.

we got to our hotel in 15 minutes on a tricycle. hannah is a hotel owned by a friend  cholo morillo and is located in station one, behind the church. paolo  the owner’s son greeted us and got my hand to make mano. ahh, that is very pinoy, i told myself. the hotel is homey and our room was comfy. ayen and kristel were already excited and went to walk to the beach after dumping their bags.

the sand is the first thing that makes you feel relaxed. walking barefoot in boracay is better than any foot spa you get in the city. there are no stones nor garbage to distract your walking and the beach is organized into three stations. hannah hotel is in station one. as we walked on the beach, hundreds of sounds greet you. the water waving and beckoning you to swim. the coconut palms whispering and the sounds of children laughing,playing on the beach. if you rise early in the morning before 5 am , you have the whole beach to your delight because most tourists enjoy boracay night to the hilt – they drink and dance from 4 pm to 4 am! that is the first tourist agenda we discovered.

during the day, our two teenagers would scan the beach for beautiful sites and take hundreds of photos, as if they were in a modelling agency, filling up their cameras with all kinds of fantasy pose. ed and i did our tetada kalimasada, our breath in synch with jurus (movements with timed exhalations). if you are in boracay for a budget vacation, here are the things you can do to max your time:

wake up early and swim before the sun rises. you have the beach all to yourself. then take breakfast on the beach, buy taho and bread in the talipapa. it wont cost you more than 50 pesos if you buy your supplies from the market. if you choose to eat in the restaurants, the usual tapsilog will cost you a hundred and an expensive  meal is P350. our first meals cost us P250 each and it took us two days to discover how to eat well and cheap. the barbeques along the beach path cost P10 per stick and if you want good bread, buy at the deli in d mall P20 per baguette. the best meal we had was at the lemon cafe and it cost us P1200. i kept edging ed to show his senior card for the 20% discount. after four meals, ed did ask for a senior’s discount.

if you have swam,run, rolled ,  had picnics on the beach and  still have more money, go island hopping and snorkelling for P2000 ( P1500 for the boat that carry  5 to 8 pax), P150 snorkelling gear plus P20 snorkelling fee per pax. bring a picnic basket if you want to eat on the boat or have lunch on puka beach, P100 per pax.

the more expensive items are scuba diving (P3000), wind surfing, banana boatrides, glass-bottom boat rides (P700). we didnt have the money and so organized our daytime with visiting all the hotels, shops and resorts we could enter and take photos. in the evening, we sat in the bars and ordered drinks that were affordable (P100 per glass or cup). there are many fresh fruit drinks along the beach and had buco on the boat for P120 – 4 coconuts.

with our teenagers ayen and kristel, their fun sched was swimming, shopping, and scanning the scene for “puppy thrills”  at nightime – looking for nice looking boys. ed and i gave them free reign and we were glad they took care of themselves well.

we had some time to review our life list and we resolved to return to boracay with a larger family. but first, we have to work harder to be able to afford another vacation.

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