God and our brains

finally i found a neuroscientist who is studying divine grace ! he is dr. v.s. ramachandran and he has been treating many people with brain injuries. but what i needed to understand is why people experience divine or mystical phenomena ?  let me quote him first ” if religious beliefs are merely the combined result of wishful thinking and a longing for immortality, how do you explain the flights of intense religious ecstasy experienced by patients with temporal lobe seizures or claim that God speaks directly to them? Many a patient has told me of a ‘divine light that illuminates all things or of an ultimate truth that lies completely beyond the reach of ordinary minds who are too immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life to notice the beauty and grandeur of it all. ” ramachandran poses the question ” why do hallucinations occur mainly when the temporal lobes are involved? even more puzzling, why do they take this religious form? why dont these patients hallucinate pigs or donkeys? ”

ramachandran explains ” My goal as a scientist is to discover how and why religious sentiments originate in the brain , but this has no bearing one way or the other on whether God really exists or not. ‘ in many of his experiments and therapies, ramachandran has come up with hypothesis that had been presented by alfred russel wallace during the victorian era.  wallace was a colleague of charles darwin and he posed the idea that ” an instrument has been developed in advance of the needs of its possessor.” simply state, it means that there is a set of latent abilities in the prehistoric brain that have been realized in the last one thousand years – what can be called potential intelligence that only God can give, evolution with foreknowledge. this departs from charles darwin’s evolutionary theory.

since this is still a new science for me , i  find it difficult to explain everything in neuroscience .i will refer you to the book of ramachandran  and sandra blakeslees: Phantoms In the Brain, 2005. go to chapter  9 “God and the Limbic System” and you will be learning with him the cases he cited to understand why we have religious beliefs and experiences, why we have idiot savants and the difference between general and potential intelligences.  he cites the case of the indian mathematician genius ramanujan who works on flawless theorems even if he never trained in mathematics and  whose theorems were discovered as remarkable by cambridge mathematicians. now ramanujan is called ” a genius of the highest caliber”. when asked how he calculated the equations, he answered ‘ The Goddess Namagiri appeared in my dreams and that’s where and when i do do my math.”

i found ramachandran’s questions very exciting even if  the available answers from evolutionary  psychology are still wanting.  i want to study more of my own mystical communication ( why i receive message from people who have died ) and why i now know i am not hallucinating when i sense  messages and feelings beyond this life.

ramachandran quotes albert einstein ” It is very difficult to elucidate this ( cosmic religious) feeling to anyone who is entirely without it.. The religious genuises of all ages have been distinguished by this kind of religious feelings, which knows no dogma.. In my view, it is the most important function of art and science to awaken this feeling and keep it alive in those who are receptive ot it. “

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