studying in MIT and meeting neuroscientists

this month i discovered that i can access MIT’s entire curriculum online and study without paying and sending all my educational credentials. when you log on to , you will be given access to the university portal and can download all their readings and course assignments. what a resource this  Open CourseWare (OCW)  is for someone who is hungry for learning ! i have navigated the academe for such a portal but couldnt afford its tuition and didnt have the academic energies to travel and study overseas. the only policy is that you cite MIT for all the knowledge you gain and that you cannot access faculty time nor get a formal certification that you earned your degree in MIT. so i told everyone who needed to learn to go visit this website and inform their universities  that such a global knowledge resource is available. i told ed to inform his peers.  when meth jimenez came to the house for the sagip pasig institute, we told her to inform PUP to use the site and certifiy their own environmental science majors. i surfed MIT courses and found the site for civil and environmental engineering which could be useful for saving pasig river and its tributaries. now, we hope to assist other students who want to design ecoprograms for their environmental advocacies by referring them to this portal.

the second blessing is finding the neuroscientists who can help us become effective lifelong learners. ed had brough three books on neuroplasticity and i wrote all the names of those whom i want to learn from. they have websites and when i found these scientists blog, i linked them to this website. they are drs. dean radin, michael merzenich,john medina and the barbara arrowsmith school. i am particularly keen on learning about brain mapping and rewiring to help learning in life.  i went searching in the web for contacts. i  wrote the Scientific Learning  Institute of Dr. Merzenich  in the US and they directed me to the I-Thinkers, the filipino teachers who are certified to use their program. so i went to see their clinic in Makati. I met one of the four teachers,  teacher Miko Dacanay Rivera, and she demonstrated the Fast ForWord program for correcting learning difficulties. i had a long conversation with Miko and found her very amiable. we discussed various learning experiences and what she has been doing since she graduated from college. we kept talking even after closing the clinic and i asked to ride with her back to quezon city . she  brought me to my house in diliman  and promised to get in touch. i do feel good meeting her and will want to see her again for collaborative work prospects in the lifelong learning communities. i felt good meeting a new friend.

now that there is so much good work on the ground, from the Zambales Aytas folkschool to the Go Organics that PRRM-ELF-La Liga  et al will develop with the Dept. of Agriculture, i have to speed up the course development on EcoLiteracy, Biodiversity and NeuroLiteracy. what do all these words mean? abangan!

ps. i need help on reading all the journals on these themes and translate into popular language for the grassroots. please  volunteer :  paging mila maramot, neng sancho , virginia pasalo, all the women who read well into the future.

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4 Comments on “studying in MIT and meeting neuroscientists”

  1. marvin Says:

    Hi! I chanced upon your blog this afternoon and despite my reservations, there is this gut feeling that somehow God is directing me to you. I am just so clueless…

    I’m in my late twenties and taking care of my sick grandmother. My mother and brother passed away 3 years ago and now I feel that I am not living my life the way I wanted it.

    I feel wasted, used and sad and I can feel my body suffering this neglect. Day by day I feel my energy drained and I have this feeling i’d end up sick someday and die a lonely man.

    I don’t want to cross the next life with regrets on what I have today. Please help me find healing not so much of the physical but more of the spiritual since I know that counts most…

    Thank you…..


  2. Mila Maramot Says:

    I’d be glad to help and am flattered you think I could. P.S. I’ll be there November 3-Dec. 18. I hope to see you and Ed then.

  3. Chie Vincoy Says:

    Hi! I have heard about fast forword and the transformation it brings to kids with LD. I am a mother of one. I will be a great help if you will be able to give me the telephone number of I-Thinker. I think my son will benefit more with this program.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    • mvillariba Says:

      chie, i met miko of I-thinker two years ago. typhoon ondoy flooded our house and files. i cant find my old address book with miko’s contact address in makati. i can search for it but it will take time, maybe search the I-Thinker in the web for information. it will be faster. girlie

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