love and mating in the morning

“love is much better in the morning”, i said to ed as i make lambing to him “our neurons are robust after sleep and can recharged our mental maps,”  ed smiled and replied ” you are all over my map” .  i went on “”our favorite breakfast is ready” and started to warm up our appetites.

as i write this, my memory drive went back ten years ago when i was counseling friends on their marriages. “I have  been listening to a chorus of voices against sexuality and rarely  found anyone whose lovemaking was satisfactory or even exciting. “i am sharing this blog with ed’s encouragement ” why dont you blog about sex and find out who needs it? maybe you will get a hundred hits ?”he said.

to have sex is  a pleasurable treat. my mind gets light and my breathing gets deeply relaxing, almost reaching the alpha stage, the stage where effortless learning happens. that is why i encourage women to have sex in the morning. ‘But we dont have partners!” complained three of my friends who separated from their husbands. ” ahhh that is not a problem because you have your senses and  a very rich imagination” i gently reminded them. yes, we all need to understand our bodies and minds ( there is only one integration and we dont split the mind over matter) . our sex organ is the brain, not our vulva or breast.  lets have a regular harvest of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and all the pleasure chemicals akin to lsd ( remember these chemical neurotransmitters and neuroregulators for life ). we have to exercise all our neurons and get them mapping our bodies. that is why foreplay is an important exercise  because the brain needs to activate, to arouse the neurons that provide your mind the vitality it needs. go for the extra mile girls : from lambingan to lampungan.

so what happens if you dont have sex? your nervous system doesnt retained its robustness and doesn’t grow new cells in the amygdala ( formal name is neurogenesis).  the emotional brain ( for women, it is the real site , not the heart ,where we feel all the emotions). but why sex and mating ? is there any other physical activity that will arouse us? well,for now, there are sports, dancing and brisk walking but they dont activate the billions of neurons that we need to live well and reproduce . we could use our imagination to the hilt, answered one neurologist, dr. john medina of brain rules. yes, why not? we can use our kamalayan and kalooban and be with a larger heaven, as i explained to friends who are widowed and who feel they have no more anghang (spice of life).

so let’s go back to sex, pleasure, joy and good life  in our bodies. i am sure people like having a massage and when i met raul nava ( from lucena days) after 3o years in israel, he reminded us of the pinoy haplos, himas, hagud and hilot as the four pillars of body maintenance and healing protocols ( no, he is not my lover but a complimentary medicine healer,hahaha)  .

there is a whole science in the  pinoy ethnic healing protocols and i encourage friends to get their regular hilots teaching them mind mapping. i keep stressing mind mapping because this is how we release all the good signals for living well in the 21st century. our bodies are constantly learning and our skin is one of the best service providers. if you dont touch and hug  babies, you miss the first source of heaven on this earth for babies are the walking providers of joy. the second source is yourself, so feel your whole body tingling, take a long long shower and lather yourself. give yourself all the himas the whole day.  the third, is your lover ( teach him/her to be a patient lover so you can get multiple orgasms with him/her ). the order of love is not absolute and the sequencing of mind mapping can be anytime,anywhere.

so let me repeat what i started for memory sake. make love in the morning. do your himas, haplos,hagud, and pagulong gulong in bed. mag-inin ( like rice water evaporating while steaming before it is cooked) and welcome the day with pleasure filling up your amygdala. that is the daily gift we pray for everyday ! enjoy MABUHAY!

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