how to make our minds and bodies get better

last week ed and i found some time to discuss our next project – helping translate all the neuroscience findings to leaders and families who want to live better lives. since last year, ed and i have been reading up on all the recent neuroscience studies and the latest books we got, john medina’s Brain rules and norman doidge ‘s The Brain That Changes Itself got us very excited.

brain science has indicated that our brains can change, that it is plastic and that we can overcome injuries, be better at making our future greater than our past. doidge presents the history of brain science and provide various case studies where people with brain injuries, children with learning disorders and genetic deficits, people who had strokes and were paralyzed, people with addictions and phobias were able to regain normal lives by going through therapies that relied on the principles of neuroplasticity. one very inspiring case study is that of Barbara Arrowsmith Young who suffered when she was young because she was diagnosed as retarded in the 1950’s. she discovered in her own life that she has exceptional abilities within her so called ‘”retardation” and went through her primary and secondary education by memorizing everything. she literally built herself a better brain as she grew up and now she is one of the leading learning specialists in Canada , running a special school the Arrowsmith School for treating learning difficulties in chlidren and adults ( one can visit their website by searching arrowsmith school).

the book Brain Rules of john medina has been reviewed by my husband, ed dela torre ,in his blogs so i wont go into it in this blog. what is important is that the rule of remembering for building short term memory and long term memory are in memory exercises developed by barbara arrowsmith. mental training is very important and that the brain produces acetylcholine – a chemical essential for learning. in simpler terms, “our brain is like a muscle that grows with exercise.”

going to our daily routines at home, ed and i realized that we blog almost daily and this blogging is part of our mental exercises. by blogging regularly , we get our neurons to grow which leads to sharpened perception and memory, increase thinking speed and avoid boring tasks. in lay women’s terms, mental exercises make our brains work better at all the things we do for life. my mind has developed several mind maps – one for navigating family life, another for making community events inspiring, and a third, for communicating beyond this life. all these three maps i keep nurturing so that i can live well and love better. in my own brain, i keep growing – that is what i am and who i am, stronger and inspired.

ed and i hope that ayen will learn what we are learning now – the discoveries of neurosciences and its gifts to our life. ayen keeps asking us if it were Ok to focus on psychology and not proceed to medicine ” you will be both too old when i finish my degree in psychology, what more if i go through another five years in medicine” she agonizes. ” We smile and tell her ” keep your dreams and find your own niche. life offers various challenges and as long as you keep learning and feeling passionately , we are happy with who you are, at any stage of your life.” we want ayen to grow her own mind maps and find happiness with challenges she choose to fulfill.

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