calls from beyond,pagpaparamdam

today is the final day for mommy rosa abad ,lar ainne sarmiento’s mother. tomorrow, the whole family will bring her to her final rest in san narciso,zambales. i find soulwork with mommy rosa very affirming and that i know she will be happy and at peace. am grateful mommy rosa for the learning gift of pagpaparamdam, receiving calls from beyond this life.

earlier i had written about the situation of mommy rosa who was still in pgh last friday and was struggling to get everyone home for her last rites. i have never met mommy rosa and it was when la rainne texted me about her condition that i got the courage to offer to help la rainne. even before i went to meet her, i already prepared myself for the pagpaparamdam, signals from beyond. she started sending pabilins the day that i started to pray for her . when i had enough information, i told la rainne to bring me to pgh and then on the way, we went through her list of pabilins. la rainne and i then went to her in icu pgh and assured mommy rosa that her bilins are already being take cared of. we both said everything would be fine and that she could go in peace.

mommy rosa had informed me she has a week to wait for all her children to come home. she did have a week before she crossed into the afterlife. i told la rainne during her wake in funeraria nacional that mommy rosa has been tending her garden but that she seemed very happy. i described the garden and the house and la rainne siad it was their old home in san narciso before it was rebuilt.

in the many years that i have been learning to help people to cross (which i learned from my mother who learned it from her mother), i always have to prepare myself by being meditative and prayerful.i do not always accept requests from people who are grieving or caregiving because pakikiramdam is difficult to process. these calls or pabilins as we call them, happen in another plane and i have learned to be respectful of divine energies. whenever people call me ( the living member) to help in sensing people in the afterlife, i ask them to pray and to give my name to God. i explain that if i am the one who can help, i will receive calls from beyond, that i will get the requests and they can validate it with me afterwards. i use questions to open doors and it helps clarify the bilins. i often will ask questions three times to make the bilins more coherent. that is why my siblings affectionately call me the “call center agent from beyond.”

why am i blogging about these calls from beyond ? because i feel that death is a beautiful journey, that people do not lose their connections with us when they die. i believe that our life on this earth is a precious stage and the process of living is closely linked to dying. i also learned to sense the various signs of loving that help me sense where the dying is and why the person needs help. in mommy rosa’s case, she was already in a state of transformation and can communicate in another plane. in our Filipino culture, the pagpaparamdam is a practice known to many ethnic communities and that we have elders, even children, who perform the pakikiramdam (receiving calls from beyond) and the pagtatawid ( guiding the crossing). these two practices , when performed with pagpapaHesus ( final rites for Christians) help families go through death with love and dignity.

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