soilmates,healthy angels and good food

this morning while ed is painting, i went to my worm beds and check how my angels are doing. the worms were all over the bed, jumping and looking for food. i realized that they have been wallowing in their own shit and wanted to feed so i started checking underneath. oh my god, they were all fat and thick and i couldnt touch them. i am not brave enough to handle them directly so i got a trowel and scoop everything . in an hour, i had three styrofoam boxes full of their vermicast! i told ed that we should have new beds for them but ed is not ready to take care of them. he is afraid of snakes and wont go near the worms. so i had towork on them myself. i told all the worms that i would have to put them first in holding boxes until their new beds are ready. i felt funny talking to them but after a while, when all the sweat were streaming in my hair, i told ed that i smell like healthy soil. he was in a rush to go to NEA and laughed but kissed me ” Yan na ang mga bulate ni Girlie”. “Hah i will learn to energize the modules for the teachers in La Mesa Eco Academy and Park.”I excitedly told Ed. “The significant learnings i had with vermiculture is healthy soil, why worms and their angelwork are putting healthy food in our tables.” “That will make them think and discover for themselves.” I emphasize.

I went back to the worms and told them,”you are our soilmates, thank you for growing healthy.” then i thought of all the children and parents who will benefit when they learn that the soil in our backyards and neighborhoods can become sites for edible gardening.  tony told us that when the soil is healthy, any plant can grow. ut how do we make the soil healthy? by bringing in the worms and producing their shit – this shit as i blogged earlier is black gold – they renew the soil’s ph and bring in the good bacteria.

imagine all the idle lands in our street start smelling of herbs and edible leaves.  when that happens, am sure people will ask who, why and how they can plant in their gardens. this is what beth and tony de castro did in miranila. they transformed the parking lot near their home into an edible garden. now everyday, people knock on their gate to buy their vegies, herbs and ask how they do edible gardening. even schools have asked beth and tony to teach them vermiculture. now the la mesa dam team has invited beth and tony officially to develop the la mesa dam eco academy. we were invited by beth and tony to join the team. next week, we will sign the terms of reference for the la mesa dam eco academy. ed and i are excited. from our folkschool, we now have an eco academy and it is la mesa dam! so near and so valuable. the worms are really angels and we look forward to healthy food gardens all over la mesa dam.

bless our soilmates. may their species multiply .may our urban sites blossomed with food. wait for october 16-20 and we will hold a world food day festival in la mesa dam eco academy. come and learn with us.

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