love and weddings,part one

love, music and tears flow daily. we are a family-driven nation, energized by  family rites and romanced by the music of weddings. today, i woke up feeling ready to tell all my friends and families – KEEP LOVING. this is the best way to live healthy,t o learn well and  to enjoy one’s legacy-building.

we just had my parents wedding and we kept crying as my mother and father walked  to the altar surrounded by all the grandchildren, children and friends. i saw corcor crying, i saw my sisters blinking their eyes and i closed my eyes as the tears fell. i could feel my heart thumping and my knees shaking. ahhh, to be married and be wedded on the 60th year, what could i ask for? we are all alive, 13 children, 42 grandchildren with their 2 partners, 5 great grandchildren,three beloved family members, 200 friends and all the  carmelite nuns, a bishop and 4 priests celebrating mass with us. we all prepared for this for a year, a very rare event even for Lucena City. but nothing can match the event unfolding and sweeping us to a dreamlovers’s mt.everest , reaching the wedding zenith at 60th year.

 the carmelite  church was bathed by heidi, my sister, in  white aromatic flowers-  tube roses, milflores, roses,gerberas, lilies, and orchids . the flowers with their aroma of love made us feel heady and heartfull. i told ed the wedding  rites and the music, provided by MSEUF chorale made feel soo in love. as Our Father was being sang in three octaves, my hands kept pressing Ed’s hand. i felt being wedded all over again. all the grandchildren were in their prettiest white dresses and  happy smiles. i am so proud that we were all there for our parents. i am so happy that Ed and I, plus all my 12 siblings with their families werre present. a real wedding present for my parents.

as we went through the whole  church rites, i found the 60 butterflies flying to greet my parents the sweetest gift. my sister said maybe they are our grandparents, tatay’s siblings who went ahead and all the families who are in heaven, greeting us all with their wings clapping.

how did the community respond to such a taste of  lifelong love? my ninangs and aunts cried. later they said they felt happy for Nanay and Tatay but sad for they will never experienced such joy because their partners are in the afterlife. they all gave cash gifts for the villariba scholarship fund ,so that my parents can continue sending people to school. we read each card and found so much respect and gratitude for having been part of the event, becoming witnesses to a love that delights old and young lovers.

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