Healthy FOOD in our table

we keep complaining of the high cost of living. now that our gasoline bills are skyrocketing and everything else gets expensive, we need to think how we can afford to eat healthy and live well. my friends, tony and beth de castro have found the answer to a healthy and fulfilling life – caring for angelworms and growing organic food.

let me share about soilmates, yes SOIL MATES – the mates who produce black gold. lydia ,beth’s friend, coined the term while listening to tony and beth. with the food situation becoming worse, we must think of how to grow our own food and insure healthy food in our table. the solution lies with the angle worms, specifically the culture that they have brought to the earth a million years ago. worms are wonderful beings because they renew everything, from poison to bad bacteria into useful minerals – all the 27 minerals that life thrives on in this earth.

if i were an alien and wanted to find out how life is on this earth, i will take the angelworms. tony shared all the the research he found when starting to farm with the angleworms. he told us about the experiments with worms being fed with food injected with e-coli and salmonella. the worm’s shit was clear of any e-coli and salmonella bacteria. then they fed the worms with animal and human wastes. do you know what they found? the worms produced grade A bacteria that helped renewed soils that were depleted of minerals.think of your poso negro getting cleaned by worms without any service fees.

but the most important thing is that any land that has been abandoned /exploited,depleted and where plants fail to grow, the worms can renew in a short period of time, attracting good bacteria that spurs plant growth. the principle is simple – when the soil is healthy, the plants grow. feed the soil, and it will feed us. that is what angelworms do – they feed the soil with their shit and piss. so what do we feed the worms with ? everything that is biodegradable -our garbage! imagine all the garbage we produce and they recycle it into BLACK GOLD. from human waste to animal waste, from decaying food, kitchen waste to all the grass that is on our land – rice stalks,cogon stalks, name it, they will feed on it when in the stage of decomposition. when you walk in virgin forests and find the smell of moist soil, that’s the odor that healthy soil emits. that’s the odor of the shit the worms evict from their bodies. that’s the odor of black gold. amoy lupa is a most wonderful scent.

so why are we not caring for worms? why are we not mining the black gold that they produce ? because we are into fossil culture – we want oil, we eat oil, we breath oil.  urea, the fertilizer that agrifarms use all over the world is made from natural gas. we have been brainwashed that it is the only fertilizer for our plants and that the world cannot be fed unless our farms are using UREA. but now that many lands have been depleted of its natural minerals, urea cannot solve the problem. besides the price of urea goes high everythime the oil prices go up the skies. so every time there is a price hike in oil, there is food price hike too.

but that is not all – our HEALTH MAINTENANCE price goes up too, what with all the chemicals in our food! when our food is fertilized with urea, we eat the urea too. when the food is sprayed with pesticides, we eat the pesticides too. we eat chemicals – gasoline and dioxine and all the chemicals sprayed to rid plants of pests but they still get into our food. the chemicals get rid of us too by contracting cancer and all those incurable diseases. even flower enthusiasts get cancer from growing orchids and other flowers sprayed with pesticides.

so what do we do? let’s get worms growing in our backyards. let’s do zero waste garbage with worms composting. lets plant healthy food and grow them with vermicast and vermitea ( worm shit and piss) in our own gardens and idle lands.

let’s do it now! contact tony and beth. buy the vermicast, 30 pesos per kilo and renew your gardens this week. buy a kilo of worms with a 10 day food supply for P1100 from tony and beth. the one kilo of worms will serve your garden for 10 years. your angel worms will multiply every day, 1000 worms will be 2000 worms each day until all the biodegradable food in your house, in your street, in your community ,even in your town or city will be zero-waste. you can produce more than 10-12 kilos of vermicast for every worm bed you make. what you feed the worms, you get in exact weight in their shit.

LEARN the business sense of organic culture – you can sell the worms, the vermicast, vermitea, the organic plants, the organic vegies, herbs, fruits, flowers ,even organic rice! tony and beth started as professors of literature and psychology. now they are farmers and entreprenuers. they are happy and spiritually connected with the land. their lifestyle is something to copy and replicate.

VISIT ECOPARK, LA MESA DAM, ANGELWORM SANCTUARY. 9 am to 4 pm. look for rogelio and the angelworm sanctuary farmers. you can invite tony and beth for a short term learning session with your club or association. they can also design your community gardens and enliven the social life of your children by including them in the design and execution of healing gardens.

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