iron women in speed races

the movies Iron Man and Speed Racer led me to think of all the women who would qualify as better iron beings in races that parallel speed racing.. but first, beware of being entertained by these movies. ed and i really enjoyed watching Iron Man. we saw this movie while waiting for our daughter ayen in a concert in greenhills.

the plot is about Tony Stark, a genius with machines and is a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction. he inherited a vast empire and is flaunted as a techno-wizard , having the gift of making machines that decimates enemies. this character is edgy and played well by downey. he gambles and plays with women. he has no family and has only one assistant, a woman who organizes everything he needs and wants, like a super secretary who anticipates his every move. like Batman , the hero is an orphan and has tremendous wealth including a basement with the latest information technology. unlike Batman, tony stark becomes the Iron man only after he is captured by afghan rebels and is tortured. he is helped by a doctor who modifies his heart and attached it to a car battery to prevent sharpnels from entering it. while under captivity, he is forced to make a missile but instead transform his heart into a mini-nuclear reactor. he manages to make himself an iron shield and become a weapon, escape from the rebels and then be rescued by the US air force. tony stark announces that his company will no longer manufacture weapons and this enrages his lifetime mentor ( who turns out to be his own nemesis). tony then decides to build a better iron man in his own home while appearing to be at rest from the trauma of captivity. the story is actually one of greed and betrayal. his father’s best friend and his mentor was the one who planned his murder in his bid to take over the company. tony stark realizes it only after having his mentor attack him in his own home. but being the hero, tony stark gets to fight his mentor and wins. what the movie does is show a man whose intelligence is limited to machines and poor in judging characters. his lady assistant Pepper could be the better character since she knows everything there is to know about his work and can go inside his head and heart. but she is given a minor role. only the US air force colonel gets a better mileage in tony stark’s limited circle of trusted people ( only three persons).

i like the movie for its vocational value – teach the youth to work with their hands and build machines in their own workshops. better, survive the desert by using all available machine parts to build impressive robots and shields.

now let us we switch movies and go to Speed Racer. this is a general patronage movie and i brought ayen, angela and jocelyn to watch it on Mothers’ Day. the movie is part cartoon, like disney movies and part super effects – like 300 Sparta. but the emphasis is still what the youth wants – SPEED and excitement. the one thing i notices it the family participation in the speed racing. Speed Racer is the hero of the movie. like tony stark, he is a child genius and has been dreaming, drawing, breathing as a speed racer from the age when he can walk and talk. his family owns a garage and makes formula cars. his brother Rex used to be the champion racer but died while in a race. his own dream is to enter the grand prix and make the new record. i wont go into the storyline since i think the youth will see this movie. what i want to stress is that the movie shows the family as fighting a corporate giant and winning the race because he learns to be the man he should be. the movie shows all kinds of colours and your eyes spin with all the rollercoaster rides you are brought to experience. it is like entering a kaleidoscope and experiencing LSD without the drug. i watched ayen and angel during the movie if they would puke with all the effects. they didnt go dizzy and laughed so loud. i often closed my eyes during the blast of electric colours and had my legs tucked beneath my seat. it is a movie targetting the young. i think the family will continue to patronize these type of movies because it is aggressively entertaining.

well, to close, what will i say? we are iron women running speed races. we take on the world with its greed and betrayal. we fight people who steal and plunder our commons. we build machines in our kitchens and cook meals three times a day to feed the world. we run all the races our family is involved in – living, working, loving. we should be starkly mad for entering races every time we wake up and rise from the sleep.

after all, where will all the life be on this world if not for our genius? happy mother’s day to all.

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