Our Mothers Adang and Nene

i woke feeling the energies of my two mothers, Adang and Nene . i slowly saw the sun showering me with light and i looked at the clock – 5:30 am. it is already warm with the whole room bathed in morning light. i rose and sat on my prayer chair. what do my mothers feel now? last night ed said that inay adang may go home today or tomorrow once Yen can organize the home care set up in naujan. i say a prayer of thanks that inay survived sepsis last tuesday. then i reflected on the energies that mothers give birth to, from inay adang, nanay nene to minette and other mothers whom i know.

inay adang was 54 when ed was arrested in december 1974. she took care of all his needs and those of the political detainees from that year onwards. it took a campaign of five years to get ed released from detention.  inay navigated all the camps, traveling on public transportation and taking on the military ironfist rule on rebels. ed was released in 1980 on the condition that he would be exiled in rome. inay flew with him to rome and saw to it that his congregation SVD would take good care of him.

i imagine myself at 54 ( i am turning 58 this year ) working myself to the bone for ayen. i feel overwhelmed. if ed had stayed in europe and did not return home in 1981, inay’s life would have been focused on her farm. but ed returned from exile in 1981and got re-arrested in 1982. inay was 62 years old then and another decade of her life was dedicated to political campaigns. then ed was finally released by people power in 1986. inay praised heaven and went with him to japan to thank all those who helped ed. but there were the military coups and ed was on the hit list. so ed had to go on another exile in london in 1988. inay went back to her farm in naujan. she was 68 years old and got involved with development work in mindoro.

i went to live with ed in london and asked him to build a less stressful life in 1989. that was the time we wanted a baby since i was turning 40. when ayen was born, ed and i asked the ramos government to give us the green light to come home. ayen met her grandmother adang in 1991. inay was 71 years old and was very happy to take ayen into her care. we celebrated inay’s 75th birthday with all the clans, ed’s and mine in pansol where his cousin benny dela luna has a resort. then inay turned 80 , we celebrated it with the friends and families of the human rights and development networks. inay’s grandest celebration was when she turned 85 and we all turned it into a legacy feast. yen, ed’s sister, brought everyone to a week long celebration, from naujan to metro-manila. that was the party where inay wished she has a little more time to live.

my mother nene  villariba is 78 years old. she has 13 children and we are all married and with children except the youngest, paul. when i and my three brothers became active in the anti-dictatorship movement during martial law, my mother had to muster enough energies to help us four rebels and see that the whole family did not break with the conflict. my father was a government official and was serving during the Marcos regime. when three of us were detained ( obie,sonny and i) in different camps, nanay nene cried but did what inay adang  went to the camps and brought food and supplies. nene was 43 years old then and braved the same iron fist of the military. obie was detained the longest in camp vicente lim in canlubang laguna while i was detained in camp crame,cubao, quezon city. i imagine myself at 43 traveling to two separate detention camps in different provinces to visit ayen and yeyi. that would be like detention with hard labor.

i am a mother myself , 57 turning 58 summers. nene villariba  is a mother,78 seasons. adang dela torre is a mother, 88 seasons. i dream of ayen, 17 turning 18, becoming a mother. minette dela torre , yeyi’s wife, is a mother in progress with twin babies in her womb. we are all mothers and the energies we have flow from our mothers. thank God for the mothers we have. thank you inay and nanay. your love is a bottomless ocean of energy, with waves of work flowing endlessly to get us to the shore.

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