eating and TMG

many times i wonder why i get spiritual messages from my body. this sunday, i developed TMG – temporamandibularjoint syndrome. i couldnt chew in my left jaw and even yawning is difficult. i tried rotating my tongue and opening my mouth. it is so hard that i have to help my jaw manually to open and close. my mind started tracing what could be the cause of TMG. ed googled TMG and found many causes, from wrong posture to stress. since i could not chew and grind food, i got the blender ready and pureed my meals. ohh, i felt as if i am a baby again. then i started enjoying the pureed fruits, combining papayas and bananas with lemon and honey. blended food does taste good and ed offered to puree chicken and rice. “Would that taste good?” i asked. “You wait and i will serve it. Inay likes it very much when i feed her this mashed chicken and rice.” ed replied. well, it is a good meal and it satisfied my craving.

now what is my body telling me with this TMG ? i even asked a friend nivah who had TMG. nivah said she talked to her jaw and listened to what it told her- that it was in pain because she has not been mindful of her health. ” how did you get it”,i wanted to know. “grinding my teeth while asleep” nivah explained. nivah t said her dentist had to make her wear a splint so that she could stopped the TMG from becoming severe. i spent two days being mindful of my TMG and even stopped eating solid food. i requested a therapist,hilda, to massage my face and get my neck relaxed. she used 6 heated stones to align my energies. she massaged my face with the stones. i told her the heat from the stones were soothing and she kindly lent me two stones for my care.

now whenever i sit in the dinner table and watch Ayen,  Ed  and other people eat, i am thankful that they are healthy and that there is good food to be shared. i think of Inay eating well despite her diabetes and painful foot. i think of all my siblings and nieces, nephews and cousins feasting and enjoying good meals together. i think of everyone in the country eating. i think of overseas friends feasting.  eating is  an enjoyable spiritual rite – especially it is done at least three times a day.  that is why communion is the time everyone, especially the young and old, want to participate and be part of during  spiritual masses.

thank God for all the food we get. thank God in our jaws and in our enzymes for moving  the energy in our muscles and bones. thank God we can receive daily communion. food is spirit.

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