reading the body and ginhawa

our bodies tell us many things. it always carries many messages. this blog is a part of the series on ginhawa and will focus on body reading. i call this bodywork, part of  lifelong ginhawa advocacy.

yesterday my childhood friend celia carlos invited me to a habhab session in her house. i came early with the people who would cook the lucban noodles. i thought we would eat lucban pancit called habhab and tamales. it turned out she wanted me to meet her friends in psi and the drugstore association of the philippines. anyway, the people who came were mostly young and eager to share.  i sat beside a feminist ,sannah is her name, through the first introductions. since there were around 40 people, i began quietly to prepare my hands and fingers for learning about the people in the room. i discover that my sense of touch help me listen better. i did learn several things about the people celia invited. but they need to pay attention to their bodies  more than ever.

i have been experimenting on TKM, the Ki method and have been energizing my hands. as i listened, i asked sannah if i could read her pulse quietly. as i went around feeling the energy in her elbow, i gave her my reading. then i went through every finger and checked the yin yang energies. sannah seemed to be enjoying the process and so i went into diagnostics, reading her hands and  touching her left shoulder until i got to her nape. i told her what i read and gave her the hagud treatment that i learned from raul nava. sannah gave me feedback ” am relaxing now , can i learn how to do it?”  “see me one of these days, i will help you to remember to read your body .” i replied. in the following weeks, i plan to accelerate  practicing the mode of of  ginhawa and kalooban.

there are healers in our midst who can help you remember. your mother who touches you whenever you see her. your sisters who know how you feel and can give you a lot of comfort. the people whom you care for just need to touch you and they know where you ache. your husband will need to have these kalooban sessions.

the himas and hagud you used to get as a baby are the healing touches that our bodies remember and rely on to remain healthy.  use your own healing energies, touch yourself and read every inch of your body. follow the pulse and get the energy flowing. you carry a whole switch to ginhawa. use every finger to know every part of your anatomy. you will be surprise at what you will rememberring, you will be able to  renew the source of ginhawa – the kalooban where we have everything there is to be. use  the keywords :pinagkaloob ng Diyos sa atin ang lahat –  to wholistic living and loving.

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