ginhawa 2,hand energies

i spent the whole night studying my hands and fingers. after jana mora brought me the manual of of dr. glenn thomas king, entitled The KI Methods, i checked all the hagud and himas movements that raul nava taught us last week. combining both methods of dr. king and raul made me pulsate and heal my flu. i realized that our hands can really feel the pulse and that there are many paths of energy flow. i didnt get any fever and went to sleep well.

our hands are so good for healing that i enjoy touching people i love. when i held baby zoe last week, i knew her flu was on the rise and let her cry it out. she is just six months old and she cried so much the whole house in kamias echoed with her wails. after a whole 15 minutes of crying, she calmed down and went to sleep. i put her in the meditation room and let her sleep with arms outstretched.
the body chart provided by dr.king describes the energy of emotions and organs in each finger. thumb for stomach and spleen, index finger for kidney and bladder,middle finger for liver and gall bladder,ring finger for lungs and large intestine and little finger,heart and small intestine. i will scan the diagrams and post them here later. but what is interesting is the emergency uses of each finger and hand movements. he describes how to use the right and left hands with bleeding and heart attacks.

raul nava taught us never to inflict pain on anyone when touching or opening vertebra energies . dr. king stresses God’s healing energies and he said you can never harm anyone with this knowledge of KI (spirit, life energy). the message is to follow the spiritual mode and we will remain healthy. so when a friend asks why she has not been healed, is it because her faith is flawed? i replied “No” and that the healing is in progress but that she has to listen to her body and the aches she is feeling.

do explore your healing touch. practice on your self, on your plants, on your pets and then on your family. you will discover the truth about our spirit, our breath and our energy. himas and hagud to the max.

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