march with time,be the change you wish to happen

this month of march, my time is dedicated to creating various modalities of change, both personal and political. there is a quote i particularly adhere to ” be the change you wish”. my work has been full of questions. ever since i started helping people heal themselves in the mid-90’s, i asked them what makes them overcome pain? i have learned that transforming oneself is a better way of communicating the change, from suffering to freedom.

suffering and mourning are two of the issues i deal with nowadays. i met a friend recently and she is still in mourning. her partner died of cancer last year and she wanted to know if i could help her. she had heard from two friends, noeleen heyzer and susanna george, that they got help from me and they recommended me. i was pleasantly surprised because i never thought i really healed them. i believe they had a metanoia, a transformation that led them to healing. but yes, i replied to my friend, i would listen to her. i asked for three days to prepare and set the date for our session. i requested she meditate for a full day and to remember the love she shared with her partner. when the day came for our session, we were ready to listen to each other. the precious thing happened, her love came and we had a threesome conversation and many questions were answered. it was one of the loveliest modalities i have ever been welcomed into – entering sacred space and listening to what the two lovers were saying. all three of us felt a deep sense of awe, and gratitude for the moment of grace. in an hour, the pain of grief eased and my friend went home feeling her love reciprocated and her questions answered. we promised to honor her beloved and to continue the conversations in sacred space.

what can the people who passed on teach us? many lessons in this life. one, honoring them is important. the life they lived in this world has value and they want us to remember them as persons, as loving persons. they also sense our own doubts, our confusions, and listen to our questions. i asked my friend if she talks to her beloved. “yes, every morning” she replied. the second significant lesson i got from helping communicate beyond : they remember everything, and they want to remind us of the precious things they did so we can build on their legacies. this is what i emphasize when dealing with grief and pain : there is a legacy and the work continues, that the grief is a source of energy and that moving on means fulfilling a mission. the third lesson: we can become the work in progress that our beloved have bequeathed to us. this is the time for us to be the progressive change we are looking for.


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One Comment on “march with time,be the change you wish to happen”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Could the full day meditation you recommend be the factor explaining why some healings work and others don’t? I have friends who swear by the healing effect of Father Fernando Suarez’ touch on their maladies. My own mother seems to have responded well to the Father’s touch. My cousin and I weren’t so lucky. My mother really “psyched” herself for days before the healing while my cousin and I were so busy with day to day activities we did not have time to think about it until the very day.

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