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ginhawa 2,hand energies

March 18, 2008

i spent the whole night studying my hands and fingers. after jana mora brought me the manual of of dr. glenn thomas king, entitled The KI Methods, i checked all the hagud and himas movements that raul nava taught us last week. combining both methods of dr. king and raul made me pulsate and heal my flu. i realized that our hands can really feel the pulse and that there are many paths of energy flow. i didnt get any fever and went to sleep well.

our hands are so good for healing that i enjoy touching people i love. when i held baby zoe last week, i knew her flu was on the rise and let her cry it out. she is just six months old and she cried so much the whole house in kamias echoed with her wails. after a whole 15 minutes of crying, she calmed down and went to sleep. i put her in the meditation room and let her sleep with arms outstretched.
the body chart provided by dr.king describes the energy of emotions and organs in each finger. thumb for stomach and spleen, index finger for kidney and bladder,middle finger for liver and gall bladder,ring finger for lungs and large intestine and little finger,heart and small intestine. i will scan the diagrams and post them here later. but what is interesting is the emergency uses of each finger and hand movements. he describes how to use the right and left hands with bleeding and heart attacks.

raul nava taught us never to inflict pain on anyone when touching or opening vertebra energies . dr. king stresses God’s healing energies and he said you can never harm anyone with this knowledge of KI (spirit, life energy). the message is to follow the spiritual mode and we will remain healthy. so when a friend asks why she has not been healed, is it because her faith is flawed? i replied “No” and that the healing is in progress but that she has to listen to her body and the aches she is feeling.

do explore your healing touch. practice on your self, on your plants, on your pets and then on your family. you will discover the truth about our spirit, our breath and our energy. himas and hagud to the max.


Ginhawa,the ease of living

March 15, 2008

Ginhawa sa ating lahat. May we have ease of living. Mabuhay tayong lahat. These are the Pinoy wellness greeting that we say in every gathering and in every interaction. Ginhawa and Mabuhay go beyond greeting. It is a healing slogan and we can learn how to bring ease of living by learning how to manage our body and spine.

This week we gathered 20 healers and 30 friends to learn with Raul Nava the method of back maintenance and body management. Raul Nava is a childhood friend in Lucena who migrated to Israel and joined the kibbutz in 1971 ( ed blogged about Raul as the Pinoy healer from israel in Raul discovered a world that he dreamt of and became a member of a productive and cohesive community where all his needs and wants were met. In the kibbutz, he discovered his healing gifts and was assigned to do healthwork. Raul asked to study complementary medicine in China and his kibbutz sent him. Raul studied and worked as a healer in China for six months and then went back to Israel. Since then, Raul has been healing and fine tuning his method of back maintenance and body management. He has visited the country several times but his wish to teach and share healing modalities was realized during this visit when he verbalized to friends that he has time to teach and heal. So Sonny and I went to Lea Tolentino and asked her to host Raul’s healing sessions in Ginhawa Balay in K6, no.100, Kamias district.

What does Raul do? First, he informs everyone that we can heal ourselves, that we are all in the community of wellness. When we introduced ourselves as teachers, psychologists, development workers, writers,mothers, fathers, nurses, doctors, nuns,etc., Raul said all the work we do contribute to ease of living and wellness, hence we are healer-guides. Raul demonstrated the flow of energy in our bodies and guided us to body movements. he showed us how to stretch –mag-inat-inat, how to move our joints from the hands, the neck, shoulders,the pelvic bones ,the knees down to the toes. raul taught us how to open the various bones in our spine while standing, sitting and lying down. then he asked us to practise right away by pairing the ginhawa method. each person learned how to begin with energizing our hands, then moving the energy by ugoy-ugoy, which is gently rocking the body to let the yin-yang energy flow; hagud which is caressing the meridian points; and the various healing inat ( body stretches). the nuns of good sheperd who had various spinal injuries (one was wearing a pelvic brace), immediately felt relief after ugoy-ugoy, hagud and inat movements three times. raul emphasized that when we feel the ease of breathing and moving,yin-yang energy circulates. this yin-yang energy for healing is what we feel when we touch the person in pain. but if we are tired or tense, we should relax ourselves first and get our yin-yang energy in sync before attending to the sick person. in every healing state, it takes two to heal : the healer’s intention of bringing relief and the patient’s will to get well. both intentions mesh and allows healing to take place. the important ingredient is the guidance that the healer provides in opening and moving the ginhawa energies that are in the auras of both healer and patient.

i like the inat-inat exercises especially lying down. it reminds me of how i wake up and how i love to stay in bed. pinoys say “nag-in-in pa ako “,translated as “am still lounging and savouring the moment in bed”. the word ‘in-in comes from steaming rice where water has to evaporate before it is ready for eating. raul also recommends the hagud, ugoy-ugoy and inat-inat movements while lying down for people who are no longer ambulatory. i told ed we should do all three body exercises for Inay and teach her two caregivers Jayzel and Eloy.

raul told us all various body movements that can be done while at work,sitting, cooking, eating, standing,waiting for something, riding the jeepney, bus, car,train,plane, even while worshipping in church. the nuns had fun imagining how they will walk, stand, sit and kneel during religious rites. we asked our group what would we say if people raised their eyebrows when they see us, especially the nuns moving their butts the way Raul taught us.we laughed and arrived at the winning answer “ this is the ginhawa way, mabuhay ka!

march with time,be the change you wish to happen

March 5, 2008

this month of march, my time is dedicated to creating various modalities of change, both personal and political. there is a quote i particularly adhere to ” be the change you wish”. my work has been full of questions. ever since i started helping people heal themselves in the mid-90’s, i asked them what makes them overcome pain? i have learned that transforming oneself is a better way of communicating the change, from suffering to freedom.

suffering and mourning are two of the issues i deal with nowadays. i met a friend recently and she is still in mourning. her partner died of cancer last year and she wanted to know if i could help her. she had heard from two friends, noeleen heyzer and susanna george, that they got help from me and they recommended me. i was pleasantly surprised because i never thought i really healed them. i believe they had a metanoia, a transformation that led them to healing. but yes, i replied to my friend, i would listen to her. i asked for three days to prepare and set the date for our session. i requested she meditate for a full day and to remember the love she shared with her partner. when the day came for our session, we were ready to listen to each other. the precious thing happened, her love came and we had a threesome conversation and many questions were answered. it was one of the loveliest modalities i have ever been welcomed into – entering sacred space and listening to what the two lovers were saying. all three of us felt a deep sense of awe, and gratitude for the moment of grace. in an hour, the pain of grief eased and my friend went home feeling her love reciprocated and her questions answered. we promised to honor her beloved and to continue the conversations in sacred space.

what can the people who passed on teach us? many lessons in this life. one, honoring them is important. the life they lived in this world has value and they want us to remember them as persons, as loving persons. they also sense our own doubts, our confusions, and listen to our questions. i asked my friend if she talks to her beloved. “yes, every morning” she replied. the second significant lesson i got from helping communicate beyond : they remember everything, and they want to remind us of the precious things they did so we can build on their legacies. this is what i emphasize when dealing with grief and pain : there is a legacy and the work continues, that the grief is a source of energy and that moving on means fulfilling a mission. the third lesson: we can become the work in progress that our beloved have bequeathed to us. this is the time for us to be the progressive change we are looking for.


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