Cut cleanly, let a new leadership grow

good news first, Inay’s operation has been clean and painless. the doctor, Dr. Romy Oabel, had cut her dead toes with small scissors with no anesthesia. Inay felt no pain (please read edicio’s blogs about our race to save Inay’s foot from sepsis in ed said that if you were not present during the operation, you will not believe that such a treatment is possible and that Inay in her 88th year could be saved from further gangrene. yes, it was a bedside procedure where the whole family could watch Dr.Oabel conduct the debridement, no anesthesia, no operating room procedures but a lot of courage and pluck from both Dr. Oabel and Inay and many prayers from our families, friends and network.

second, jun lozada brings excitement to the current social situation – Inay Pilipinas will have another chance to save her gangrenous feet . people trust jun lozada and he has become a neotenous person. if you google neoteny, it comes from zoology and describes the zestful attitude of animals. applying it to people, it is a childlike attitude that leads us adults to appreciate things around us and to be excited with daily encounters. every time i listen and watch a new chapter unfold in jun lozada’s life, i see him like a puppy running with all kinds of political animals. of course, he is more than a dog but let me just go back to my original metaphor – saving Inay Pilipinas from gangrene.

the argument that gma has to finish her term until 2010 can be debated in many ways but when one has seen gangrene in the body politics, there is no time to waste. every minute counts . i visualize the sepsis of debts that all the regimes collectively have brought upon us but gma’s regime tops it. she, with her sovereign guarantees, have cut most of the blood flowing into our arteries, hence poverty and hunger levels are on their crises levels. combine the natural disasters that we are experiencing with the gma gangrenous rule and we are truly in the emergency mode. the only solution is to cut clean and cut her hold on our oxygen. we must stop the gma gangrene from spreading. the only way a new tissue will grow is to cut dead tissue. the only way a new leadership will grow is to end the rule of gangrene. this is painless and clean.

i saw two people walking in our street. they were wearing black t-shirts with the the bold question and answer , ” Sino ang papalit?” “AKO !”

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