jun lozada and debriding corruption

yesterday, i was surfing, writing, texting and watching all the drama of jun lozada on television. as i listened to all the senators interrogate jun, i felt it was debriding jun. debridement is a medical procedure of cleaning dead tissues and bones, especially gangrene. if you have not seen gangrene, it is as black as coal. back in the old days, when one’s wound develops gangrene, the treatment is to scrape dead skin or amputate the leg . in our case, jun lozada’s expose has reached gangrenous stage but the administration senators and the palace spin doctors are treating him as if he is the gangrene. hence they are debriding him rather than the gangrene – the unmoderated greed. am talking of gangrene metaphor because of Inay who had her foot debridement . my doctor sister ceres told us that the feet get gangrenous because it is the farthest from the heart. as we age, cholesterol block arteries and veins and prevents oxygen from circulating, thus killing the tissues of the feet. that basically is what is happening in gangrenous feet of diabetics.

but let me go back to jun lozada . after his senate hearing last week, people took notice of the extent of gangrenous corruption . there have been one rally and two masses protesting against corruption. i found the slogan ” kung BAD ka, lagot ka, kung GOOD ka, lusot ka!” hilarious. i would have edited it as ” Kung gangrene ka, putol ka!”. but like gangrene, we have to look at the vital signs – the political pressures like blood pressure, going up and down, depending on how much oxygen is circulating.. when powerful patrons plunder the public chest, when politicians like cholesterol block justice, we are deprived of blood and oxygen.

so how do we get enough oxygen and start saving our nation from sepsis? we can start debridement, cutting the layers of corrupted tissues and strengthening the immune system – our citizens – in making decisions towards the kind of governance we deserve. we can take the recovery path of feeding our people the justice we need. Inay’s doctor, Dr. Romy Oabel, prescribed feeding her six times every three hours so that she will be strong enough for the debridement. let us prescribe feeding truth to our people, six times a day. let us encourage the media and those in the judiciary who still are free of unmoderate greed to feed us the truth and nothing but the truth, six times a day.

let us debrid gangrene collectively. let us save Inay from social sepsis. our nation can regenerate if we cut clean the dead tissues of greed.

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2 Comments on “jun lozada and debriding corruption”

  1. Dominique Says:

    Excellent metaphor!

  2. […] glimmerings of people bucking the view that the city is “GMA Country”. As for Lozada, lifelong learning compares what he’s doing to debriding dead tissue; pine for pine compares folksy Lozada and […]

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