healing light

the healer’s light is a marvelous resource and it is within us. we can heal ourselves and others if we learn the skill of producing healing energy.the energy is light, photon light.

as i promised in my earlier blog, i will continue writing about the experiments that are published in lynne mctaggart’s book The Intention Experiment. she discussed in the chapter The Human Antenna that we have healers who can produce 190 volts and their intention can heal over long distances. she cites the experiments of Gary Schwartz, Elmer Green, William Tiller and Fritz Albert Popp who all found that healers heal because they emit electromagnetic frequencies and their thoughts travel through any distance. all the findings are well documented and for those who study further the chi, psi and living energy, she welcomes them to check her sources. she has several websites: for health http://www.wddty.com for the global experiments in healing http://www.theintentionexperiment.com.

google lynne mctaggart and join her Living the Field community.

what is the healer’s light ? how does the healer produce tremendous energy? lynne mctaggart shared the healing skill in metaphors and steps. i chose the piano metaphor. healing can be learned if we practice compassion and direct our intention, like learning to play the piano and producing beautiful music. but first, we need to be mindful. you can listen to a child playing the piano. she just plays and the sounds are not as lyrical. but when the child learns to play the notes she learns the melody. when the child touches the keys by dancing her fingers on the piano, you are amazed and delighted by such a skill. go to the YOUTUBE videos of Marc Yu and prodigies. they play with passion that is not common to children of their age. but their gift is also within us. we all have the energy to be amazing, we just need to free this energy and allow it to grow.

the second aspect of healing skills is a deep capacity for understanding people. you begin to use all your senses in knowing. you look at the person until you see the person in a light. you hear until you listen to her inner voice. you smell until you get her scent. you touch until you feel the electricity flowing. you scan until your spine receives her full kalooban. you know you areinside her when you begin to read her story – all these from your perceptual skills. the cognitive part of healing is what many professional doctors do – they use their mental skills well. but the healers’ skill is integrative and uses all senses. that is what i learned from doing what i do. lynne mctaggart’s list of research studies affirms it.

in the third blog, i will talk of projecting energy and how martial arts masters do it. we will discuss the tetada kalimasada practice. meanwhile, practice meditation until you get into the habit of mindfulness.

” A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.’ Albert Einstein

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