mindfulness and intention

would you like to power up your wishes? this week, i am reading the experiments published by lynne mctaggart in her book The Intention Experiment. many of the research findings on the science of intention resonated in my mind. ed brought this book in schipol and he found it so riveting. i found it very useful too.

i have a sikolohiyang filipino default when reading writers from the north. i studied the kalooban psyche of our people, i used to validate western psychology theories by doing experiments with students and friends. I found out that we have a Filipino psyche and that our attitudes have been shaped by our history as a people. the recent findings in neuropsychology and developmental psychology help me expand my lifelong learning menu. i am excited to share how to use the power of mindfulness and intention in our search for the mature pinoy life.but let me flash the conversations ed and i had yesterday with a new friend, bong.

bong practises tai chi and came home from the US to do his altruistic bit for the country. he gave us a set of lessons : ” judge not a person by his looks for hidden within him is a crouching tiger and a sleeping dragon.” ; “he who has no ambition succeeds”.

as we talked of what filipinos do to make our future greater than our past, bong continued with his tai chi lessons” he who never fails always succeeds,” and ” he who always succeeds is the most powerful.” we laughed as we exchanged quotes from lifetime growth laws. this is what we mean by the power of thoughts – listening, distilling the lessons of our lives and enjoying each other’s conversations.

now, what did lynne mctaggart found in the various mind experiments? our thoughts can affect our life. she explores the science of intention and shares the findings of various experiments. there are numerous evidences that prove our mind can change specific realities, including the state of our health and that of other people. she introduces the electromagnetic FIELD and how matter is affected by our mind. in her book, she goes through steps on how to power up one’s thoughts. i will reserve writing the powerful steps in another blog. let me just focus this blog on the inner self, images and context of mindfulness.

mindfulness starts with being aware of your own senses – your breath, your thoughts, your feelings. each activity – from opening your eyes to moving your head. i start with looking at the first light that comes, listening to the sound of waking up. I then pray and give thanks for receiving the present. i take each moment in full . why ? our bodies respond normally because our subconcious mind run it. but beware ,our bodily functions can go crazy and disobey our autonomous commands.

i remember my friend celia ‘s 96 year old mother. she is taken cared of by three nurses twenty four hours, from waking her up to cleaning her bowels. she is not comatose but has senile dementia and all her bodily functions, from eating to defecating has to be manually assisted. she does not know who she is nor who her family is. she wakes up like a doll and everything is done for her by the three nurses.

i also remember my friend madelyn who had advance lateral sclerosis where her bodily functions deteriorated each day but not her mind. in her final moments ,she could not even breath nor swallow her saliva but her mind was still hers..

so each moment that all your bodily functions are normal, be thankful. gently listen to your heart, pay attention to what is happening. when you eat, eat slowly and savour your each bite. appreciate what you pour into your body. power up your sense of smell and touch. enjoy the things you do when your are conscious. this is mindfulness 101. i will explore with you the second powerful step – intending one’s energy to get a goal manifested – in the next blog. be happy being alive.

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