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Cut cleanly, let a new leadership grow

February 25, 2008

good news first, Inay’s operation has been clean and painless. the doctor, Dr. Romy Oabel, had cut her dead toes with small scissors with no anesthesia. Inay felt no pain (please read edicio’s blogs about our race to save Inay’s foot from sepsis in ed said that if you were not present during the operation, you will not believe that such a treatment is possible and that Inay in her 88th year could be saved from further gangrene. yes, it was a bedside procedure where the whole family could watch Dr.Oabel conduct the debridement, no anesthesia, no operating room procedures but a lot of courage and pluck from both Dr. Oabel and Inay and many prayers from our families, friends and network.

second, jun lozada brings excitement to the current social situation – Inay Pilipinas will have another chance to save her gangrenous feet . people trust jun lozada and he has become a neotenous person. if you google neoteny, it comes from zoology and describes the zestful attitude of animals. applying it to people, it is a childlike attitude that leads us adults to appreciate things around us and to be excited with daily encounters. every time i listen and watch a new chapter unfold in jun lozada’s life, i see him like a puppy running with all kinds of political animals. of course, he is more than a dog but let me just go back to my original metaphor – saving Inay Pilipinas from gangrene.

the argument that gma has to finish her term until 2010 can be debated in many ways but when one has seen gangrene in the body politics, there is no time to waste. every minute counts . i visualize the sepsis of debts that all the regimes collectively have brought upon us but gma’s regime tops it. she, with her sovereign guarantees, have cut most of the blood flowing into our arteries, hence poverty and hunger levels are on their crises levels. combine the natural disasters that we are experiencing with the gma gangrenous rule and we are truly in the emergency mode. the only solution is to cut clean and cut her hold on our oxygen. we must stop the gma gangrene from spreading. the only way a new tissue will grow is to cut dead tissue. the only way a new leadership will grow is to end the rule of gangrene. this is painless and clean.

i saw two people walking in our street. they were wearing black t-shirts with the the bold question and answer , ” Sino ang papalit?” “AKO !”


jun lozada and debriding corruption

February 19, 2008

yesterday, i was surfing, writing, texting and watching all the drama of jun lozada on television. as i listened to all the senators interrogate jun, i felt it was debriding jun. debridement is a medical procedure of cleaning dead tissues and bones, especially gangrene. if you have not seen gangrene, it is as black as coal. back in the old days, when one’s wound develops gangrene, the treatment is to scrape dead skin or amputate the leg . in our case, jun lozada’s expose has reached gangrenous stage but the administration senators and the palace spin doctors are treating him as if he is the gangrene. hence they are debriding him rather than the gangrene – the unmoderated greed. am talking of gangrene metaphor because of Inay who had her foot debridement . my doctor sister ceres told us that the feet get gangrenous because it is the farthest from the heart. as we age, cholesterol block arteries and veins and prevents oxygen from circulating, thus killing the tissues of the feet. that basically is what is happening in gangrenous feet of diabetics.

but let me go back to jun lozada . after his senate hearing last week, people took notice of the extent of gangrenous corruption . there have been one rally and two masses protesting against corruption. i found the slogan ” kung BAD ka, lagot ka, kung GOOD ka, lusot ka!” hilarious. i would have edited it as ” Kung gangrene ka, putol ka!”. but like gangrene, we have to look at the vital signs – the political pressures like blood pressure, going up and down, depending on how much oxygen is circulating.. when powerful patrons plunder the public chest, when politicians like cholesterol block justice, we are deprived of blood and oxygen.

so how do we get enough oxygen and start saving our nation from sepsis? we can start debridement, cutting the layers of corrupted tissues and strengthening the immune system – our citizens – in making decisions towards the kind of governance we deserve. we can take the recovery path of feeding our people the justice we need. Inay’s doctor, Dr. Romy Oabel, prescribed feeding her six times every three hours so that she will be strong enough for the debridement. let us prescribe feeding truth to our people, six times a day. let us encourage the media and those in the judiciary who still are free of unmoderate greed to feed us the truth and nothing but the truth, six times a day.

let us debrid gangrene collectively. let us save Inay from social sepsis. our nation can regenerate if we cut clean the dead tissues of greed.

yayas,caregivers,health providers – top of the list

February 16, 2008

today i salute all the yayas, caregivers and health providers – mostly girls and women who get to take care of us even when we dont match their passion and competence for caring. i say this because i have been caring for Inay Adang since last week and i realized that though i am intelligent, even blest with multiple intelligences, i cannot match the dexterity and sweet swiftness of the hands and hearts of Inay’s caregivers. ed and i volunteered to be the night shift last night for Inay. as i listened to the instructions on how we would provide Inay the care she needs, i realized that caregiving for geriatrics diabetics is a challenge. first is monitoring all the major signs – blood sugar, blood pressure, urine and stool output, state of pain, smell of gangrene, spread of infection – black as coal, etcetera. then we had to follow the pharmacy protocols. taking tests before and after meals, setting up the intravenous drips, giving the oral medicines, making sure that all the major medicines are taken and results noted. but the most difficult was making Inay eat, open her mouth,chew and swallow her food while she is in the middle of a fight against infection. ed and i tried all kinds of waking her, getting Inay to finish one banana, coaching her to drink and take 20 food supplements. everytime Inay would close her mouth and eyes, we would try to wake her and beat the clock feeding her because her blood sugar would be taken in four episodes. as we fed her, one of us would have to hold her two hands so that she doesnt scratch her infected foot nor take the bandage off and then lift her other leg so that it doesnt put pressure on the infected foot. the moment she rolls around the bed(with her other hand taking the IV drips), we have to unroll her and get all the beddings in place. now the plot thickens when Inay’s blood sugar and blood pressure goes high like a roller coaster ride. ed and i didnt know how to take her blood sugar and it was hospital policy that if we use our own blood sugar set, we should administer it ourselves. well, ed and i had to get the nurse to do it for us and paid the pharmacy for the set. how i wished jayzel, her caregiver was present to do it!

when the night shift midwife Sheile came, i took my breath and thought, ahh we can then go to sleep. but that was precisely what we couldnt do. Sheile told me that we should help monitor any change in Inay’s behavior .since she was making the rounds, she could only run to our aid if we call her. so i calculated how much intravenous fluids Inay is taking and how many urine output she will have for the evening. i asked Sheila to change her diaper at 5 am. when we opened the diaper, Inay was clean. so Sheila said we could give her a sponge bath to start the day fresh. as we were washing her, her fluids gushed forth and the whole bed was soaked. but i was amazed at how fast and tender Sheila’s response. Sheila’s feat was a performance, better than a chambermaid. i told ed that in hotels i marvelled at how they change bedsheets but in the hospital and a patient on top of the bed, the whole bedsheets change takes on a dance. imagine ripping wet beddings with a sleeping woman on top, coaching her to move her body so we could wipe and clean her plus dry the bed. everything that Sheila did, she did in ten minutes! and Inay was clean, fresh and smelling good in that ten minutes. that was something Ed nor I couldnt do with Inay. all the lifelong learning we got, this care giving competence is on top of my list.

Protected: inay’s gift : the passing of the torch

February 9, 2008

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healing light

February 7, 2008

the healer’s light is a marvelous resource and it is within us. we can heal ourselves and others if we learn the skill of producing healing energy.the energy is light, photon light.

as i promised in my earlier blog, i will continue writing about the experiments that are published in lynne mctaggart’s book The Intention Experiment. she discussed in the chapter The Human Antenna that we have healers who can produce 190 volts and their intention can heal over long distances. she cites the experiments of Gary Schwartz, Elmer Green, William Tiller and Fritz Albert Popp who all found that healers heal because they emit electromagnetic frequencies and their thoughts travel through any distance. all the findings are well documented and for those who study further the chi, psi and living energy, she welcomes them to check her sources. she has several websites: for health for the global experiments in healing

google lynne mctaggart and join her Living the Field community.

what is the healer’s light ? how does the healer produce tremendous energy? lynne mctaggart shared the healing skill in metaphors and steps. i chose the piano metaphor. healing can be learned if we practice compassion and direct our intention, like learning to play the piano and producing beautiful music. but first, we need to be mindful. you can listen to a child playing the piano. she just plays and the sounds are not as lyrical. but when the child learns to play the notes she learns the melody. when the child touches the keys by dancing her fingers on the piano, you are amazed and delighted by such a skill. go to the YOUTUBE videos of Marc Yu and prodigies. they play with passion that is not common to children of their age. but their gift is also within us. we all have the energy to be amazing, we just need to free this energy and allow it to grow.

the second aspect of healing skills is a deep capacity for understanding people. you begin to use all your senses in knowing. you look at the person until you see the person in a light. you hear until you listen to her inner voice. you smell until you get her scent. you touch until you feel the electricity flowing. you scan until your spine receives her full kalooban. you know you areinside her when you begin to read her story – all these from your perceptual skills. the cognitive part of healing is what many professional doctors do – they use their mental skills well. but the healers’ skill is integrative and uses all senses. that is what i learned from doing what i do. lynne mctaggart’s list of research studies affirms it.

in the third blog, i will talk of projecting energy and how martial arts masters do it. we will discuss the tetada kalimasada practice. meanwhile, practice meditation until you get into the habit of mindfulness.

” A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.’ Albert Einstein

mindfulness and intention

February 1, 2008

would you like to power up your wishes? this week, i am reading the experiments published by lynne mctaggart in her book The Intention Experiment. many of the research findings on the science of intention resonated in my mind. ed brought this book in schipol and he found it so riveting. i found it very useful too.

i have a sikolohiyang filipino default when reading writers from the north. i studied the kalooban psyche of our people, i used to validate western psychology theories by doing experiments with students and friends. I found out that we have a Filipino psyche and that our attitudes have been shaped by our history as a people. the recent findings in neuropsychology and developmental psychology help me expand my lifelong learning menu. i am excited to share how to use the power of mindfulness and intention in our search for the mature pinoy life.but let me flash the conversations ed and i had yesterday with a new friend, bong.

bong practises tai chi and came home from the US to do his altruistic bit for the country. he gave us a set of lessons : ” judge not a person by his looks for hidden within him is a crouching tiger and a sleeping dragon.” ; “he who has no ambition succeeds”.

as we talked of what filipinos do to make our future greater than our past, bong continued with his tai chi lessons” he who never fails always succeeds,” and ” he who always succeeds is the most powerful.” we laughed as we exchanged quotes from lifetime growth laws. this is what we mean by the power of thoughts – listening, distilling the lessons of our lives and enjoying each other’s conversations.

now, what did lynne mctaggart found in the various mind experiments? our thoughts can affect our life. she explores the science of intention and shares the findings of various experiments. there are numerous evidences that prove our mind can change specific realities, including the state of our health and that of other people. she introduces the electromagnetic FIELD and how matter is affected by our mind. in her book, she goes through steps on how to power up one’s thoughts. i will reserve writing the powerful steps in another blog. let me just focus this blog on the inner self, images and context of mindfulness.

mindfulness starts with being aware of your own senses – your breath, your thoughts, your feelings. each activity – from opening your eyes to moving your head. i start with looking at the first light that comes, listening to the sound of waking up. I then pray and give thanks for receiving the present. i take each moment in full . why ? our bodies respond normally because our subconcious mind run it. but beware ,our bodily functions can go crazy and disobey our autonomous commands.

i remember my friend celia ‘s 96 year old mother. she is taken cared of by three nurses twenty four hours, from waking her up to cleaning her bowels. she is not comatose but has senile dementia and all her bodily functions, from eating to defecating has to be manually assisted. she does not know who she is nor who her family is. she wakes up like a doll and everything is done for her by the three nurses.

i also remember my friend madelyn who had advance lateral sclerosis where her bodily functions deteriorated each day but not her mind. in her final moments ,she could not even breath nor swallow her saliva but her mind was still hers..

so each moment that all your bodily functions are normal, be thankful. gently listen to your heart, pay attention to what is happening. when you eat, eat slowly and savour your each bite. appreciate what you pour into your body. power up your sense of smell and touch. enjoy the things you do when your are conscious. this is mindfulness 101. i will explore with you the second powerful step – intending one’s energy to get a goal manifested – in the next blog. be happy being alive.

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