gilda cordero-fernando,my national artist

last friday, i went to visit gilda cordero fernando. i had made many mandalas for her when she got ill last july but never brought it to her. on january 25 , i found myself putting the mandalas in a huge box and wrapping it with sinamay. around one pm i got my brother sonny’s driver oman to drive me. as i got to her street, i saw a car entering her gate and i got out to catch the driver as he was opening the gate. i told him i was delivering a gift to gilda. gilda opened the car door and i went to hug her.” i keep sensing you and i had to come”. then with arms magkalingkis, we went into her garden. what a lush garden and she showed me hers and husband marcelo’s garden . so many sensations ( a leafy palm ) and ferns. “wow, gilda, i have not been here for many years and it feels great !” i gushed. ” ” yes, you haven’t visited for sometime,” gilda said as she steered me to her bedroom, laid out her chinese food pasalubong and invited me to eat. gilda’s room is a small but airy room, with a huge mural and a wooden table where one can dine and talk about serendipity . ” i saw ning yesterday and asked about you”, gilda began, ” ning said you are fine.” “yes, i kept feeling you and the only way to know how you are is to see you face to face.” then gilda opened her portfolio and showed her new paintings, ” here are my new paintings, after the art exhibit, i had more energy to paint more.” the paintings had a lot of play energy in them from my chakra’s point. she had the tree mountain marias : maria makiling, maria sinubukan and maria sinukuan ( my tagging, not hers ). i like the cross bearing christ whose face had the look of a messiah having second thoughts. i told gilda, i liked that painting. gilda, at 77, can portray people having all kinds of serendipitous experiences on water color paintings. “am not an artist,” gilda explains,” but i like doing this. ” ‘ i quipped ‘ if you can paint people, delight them and hold a sold-out art-exhibit , what’s an artist?”

one christmas, gilda brought a red cloth wrapped gift to our house. ed and i opened it – it was her autobiography ” the last full moon.” inside the book cover, she wrote that we were not to give her a gift in return because our birthday gift then was enough :a funny photo of her ed redigitalized, shredded colored paper and some peace cranes . for me this autobiography gift of gilda’s is as precious as a woman’s resource center. whenever i want to prepare my blogs on marriage and family, i read gilda’s stories of her youth and her years as a budding wife and mother. when i want to remember what historical legacies my parent’s generation have given us , i read her book- she was born in the same period as my mother -1930’s. when i want to learn how to be in the cutting edge of culture and knowledge, i read her chapters on work and business. when i want to be sexy, i read her tempest in a teacup years. you learn from her that trusting your inner voice gets you growing the woman you dream of. as gilda is still writing columns, i hope to learn more. i recommend to all my friends to read gilda’s last full moon… and many more sunrise and sunset stories that she will produce.

i know why i am still cutting mandalas for gilda cordero fernando. am wishing she gets the national artist award on literature soon. may the divine muse give her this affirmation.

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3 Comments on “gilda cordero-fernando,my national artist”

  1. Rica Torres Says:



    I am Rica from 100% Pinoy GMA 7 Public Affairs. We are doing an episode on Kusinerong Pinoy and we’d like to have Ma’am Gilda Cordero-Fernando as our resource person/food historian as she wrote the book Philippine Food and Life.

    In line with this, we’d like to inquire whether you have the contact details of Ma’am Gilda so we can get in touch with her. Thank you so much and God bless!

    Rica Torres
    Program Researcher
    100% Pinoy

  2. jun montillo Says:

    re: gcf. she’s my national artist, too. she gave me last full moon, too. she’s a regular diner sa allsate. she introduced me to her friends. really owe her….

  3. aimac Says:

    yes she deserves it

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