energies that embrace and wake you up

this morning i wanted to lounge around in bed. we call it ‘inin” taking time to wake up, savoring one’s time in bed, like  cooking rice that needs time to absorb the water. but an energy embraced me and push me gently to rise. if you believe in a subconscious self, it must be that other self. i usually go to the toilet first to clean myself but this inner energy took me to the dining room and set me to work without eating. i  started cutting many mandalas and i asked” Are we going  to put up mandalas somewhere ?.” a name “urduja’ flashed and then i remembered the eight urduja women who had lunched last monday in cyma. i sent a text to gie and she said she has been getting so much texts that morning from the urdujas –  the energy to do something great. she also told me the mandala i gave her kept flying and she had to hold it so it would  stay in her garden. seeing and believing in sacred space is in the realm of spirituality. when i do mandalas, i just let my subconscious take over. i learned to trust my inner spirit and it has served me well.

so what did i gleanse from this energy with a name urduja? a voyage that crosses the 14th century to the 21st century. i quickly check the history book written by onofre corpus and there seems to be no entry on urduja. well, that is what we are going to do. search for urduja and let history take her in. so gie and i exchanged ideas (via sms). we will hold a march 8 event, 8 days with 8 women introducing urduja. we will invite many women and men  to gather around. we will get the overseas families to come and honor their overseas parents with stories. i look at my art portfolio, counted the art materials. i decided i would use paper, all kinds of paper. dont we like the sound of paper /the touch of paper/the taste of paper? then i saw shapes dancing in my head so i went up the bedroom to look at the skies. i saw a panorama of courageous women. in response, i put up three red mandalas around the bougainvilla canopy and thank urduja. yes, i will dedicate it to all the overseas women, the modern urdujas who are building and developing a global care chain and brain gain. for you all – chato, mila, raquel, dottie, ria, deeda,delia, marita,mayet,vhangie, atet, baby, connie and all you there in the global bayanihan , i will create a  mandala prayer garden.

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