living on a jet plane

living on a jetplane is the theme i started with ed. i told him that flying to sao paulo will be good since it is the biggest city in south america and has one of the largest immigrant population in the world. yesterday, ayen and i surfed the web to prepare him for this trip. i learned that sao paulo has started to make the city clean of advertising even if it is the engine for growth in brazil. our mmda should learn from sao paolo . as i scanned the many cultural attractions of 900,000 events annually, ayen was surfing the shopping centers for havaianas. both of us got excited and told ed, wow, we should fly with you ! ed replied ” that’s $9000 travel fare if we fly as a family”. ayen” quipped” haha, i will just give you the shopping list and save the money.” ayen nor i will not spend that kind of money for a shopping trip. but what does ed really do when he flies to expensive places like brazil?

he makes his questions bigger than the answers. this is a law of lifetime growth,according to dan sullivan, lifetime mentor. questions open bigger doors and we need to explore daily the meaning of our life. travelling is important in making sense of what the world has in terms of resources. change is everywhere and people are the signs of change. when ed meets new people, he finds a culture that allows him to think and compare what the philippines can offer and learn with. whenever ed gives his talks, the replies he gets affords him to retool his insights on education. the lessons he gets are bigger than what he can experience in his lifetime or mine altogether.

i will be waiting for ed’s blogs from sao paulo. lifetime learning in a jetplane.

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