loving in this life and beyond

i tried painting unconditional love. unconditional love is one of my empowering themes for reflections. yesterday, i spent time at the garden to review my paintings if they described the experience of people crossing to another life. they looked flat, like children’s slash and paint. my painting of finding heaven looked like figures floating amidst faces. my spirit guide looked like a jester. when i painted it, i wanted to express some lightheartedness, some fun in crossing. i did not want the usual portrait of angels guiding someone to reach the waves of heaven. after all, if one is free of human burdens, one could be literally light?

i thought ” perhaps i am not allowing myself to immerse completely in what should just flow.” i approached ed the other day on how to paint with a perspective and he told me to use lines. lines are good except i do not have enough imagination to draw them, like the lines to a life beyond. ahh, perhaps i should do more research so i went to view all the savants in YouTube.

i found three interesting child prodigies, two are blind and one is a baby just playing with sounds on the piano. the first one is Derek Paravicini, who was born prematurely and had been given too much oxygen, he lost his sight and had learning disabilities. at 27 years, he is a walking sound expert and can translate all kinds of sound into music. he has been studied by neurologists and musicologists in the UK. they found him a real savant because he can play any music and can identify an incredible range of music within seconds. in fact they tested him in many situations, from identifying the sounds of a whole symphony playing in various keys simultaneously to getting the whole range of sounds in a train station. he can play the piano as a virtuosio , even pieces he has never heard before. upon hearing a difficult score, he can play the music on piano. but he is partly autistic and cannot communicate nor think logically. when they looked at his brain, they found it incredible and the theory is that, having been free of any distraction from visual and logical stimuli, his brain had developed an outstanding capacity for musical sound and his hands could translate them on the piano. and yet, he is incapable of taking care of himself and has to be cared for the rest of his life. he needs unconditional love.

the other prodigy is Yeh Eun, a five year old korean girl. she is blind and was adopted by the mother who brought her to the tv studio to compete . when she plays, her little hands and fingers try to cover all the piano to get the music right. she impressed many viewers and made them cry when she played and sang her piece. the koreans found Yeh Eun so inspiring that they gave her the highest score of 95. i would give her a 100 because of who she is despite her blindness and her being just 5 years old. unconditional love recipient.

the third is a 9 month old baby and his playing the piano just for laughs. it was a relief just to watch him play. yes, playing is the creative act. if babies do not play, they must be ill.

so going back to my paintings and the theme of unconditional love: is there really a life beyond what we know? can we ever have a glimpse of the people who cross? i wanted to know how painting unconditional love can help communicate with those who have another life beyond.

the answer came late yesterday. a friend i have not seen for years came to ask for help. she wanted to know how she could make her dead husband stop coming back. i listened to her talk. she had been losing sleep and had a sore throat. i asked her a few questions and suggested rehydration. i told her i would try meditating and she could do the same. i promised to get her better, but told her i cannot contact her husband. i was honest that communicating with those beyond this life is possible but i dont have reliable means. i can only imagine and pray that the other person from beyond would open up.

did her husband open up? i found my morning with lots of sense – sense that i translate into words. i sent the message to my friend who slept well into the night and just woke up to receive the message. we will know during the day if the message helped her.

so what is the connection to unconditional love? that is the message.

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