WombWise and Free

this week i imagine myself doing art and writing each day. after celebrating with Gilda Cordero-Fernando who held her Senior Moments Death-defying Art Exhibit in Le Souflle in Jan.4 , i am more inspired. if she can do so much at 77, women of 57 can follow her path. i thank Gilda for all the years she has graciously embraced us. i met her in 1984 when i was organizing WOMB with women activists. since then, i have seen her produced beautiful books, theatre plays, and now water color paintings.

i asked my friend Ning Encarnacion and Juju Tan “How can Gilda do all that with all the chaos in our country?” they shared many stories which i summarized in three words : “Gilda is wombwise and free.”

how can a womb be wise ? it is our well of life. trillion of ideas thrive in our wombs.it is a world’s largest calling center where millions of sperms try to register. scientists can try to duplicate its technical requirements in their laboratories but they cannot reproduce a whole womb outside of a woman. just feel its pulse when you breathe deeply. feel the electricity run when you sing. listen to a baby inside a womb and you will know the precious thumping sound of life. but there is more to the womb. it is women’s cpu operating nonstop. it is where we find the drive to create. it is where we are at our sexiest. our bodies, our wombs.

all our girls should learn to care for their reproductive health. our corporate community should embrace reproductive health as the sustainable source of beauty and wellness. i am grateful for my mother Nene who taught me early to care for my vagina. i often smelled how pleasant her panties were in the laundry basket. she taught me to change panties twice a day and washed them immediately after using. she taught me to use coconut vinegar in water to douch with. all the lovely things she taught me, i taught ayen also.

after my mother, my feminist friends delia, madelyn and muriel taught me about sensuality and sexuality. my mother had a lot of babies but she was in born in the 1930s and wasnt free to talk of sex with daughters. so i sought out women whose sexuality fascinated me. in the 1970s, i met these women and they answered all my questions and taught me further what no books could describe. sexuality is a formal topic now in schools but no teacher will require sexual training as part of the learning. ed and i laugh at the image of all our teenagers queuing up for sexual gymnastics as physical sports. what i learned from my three friends, i translate to ayen when she wants it. i learned this from ayen – never volunteer information ahead of her curiosity. i make it easy for her to approach me first when she feels she needs to know.

surgeons and doctors should honor our wombs. when they diagnosed something is wrong with our wombs,they frequently prescribe hysterectomy, women must think twice before accepting this fatal solution. men doctors never prescribe cutting all the penises and balls when men get infected ! imagine the uproar against the medical establishment if male castration was the norm.

that is why women should be free to choose what to do. freedom comes with knowledge provided at the right time. reproductive health knowledge is what all our girls and women should have. for this year 2008, i advocate education for all wombs. EFAW sounds like guffaw so help me with a smarter slogan. www. wombwise.free ?

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One Comment on “WombWise and Free”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Re Gilda Cordero, you must be the Girlie dela Torre she thanked on her Pinoy Pop Culture book which I have on my coffee table. Hard to believe she’s 77. The book was recommended to me by my friend, Anita Feleo, who might also be her friend. Not sure though.

    As to EFAW, nothing wrong with it rhyming with guffaw. It also rhymes with awe which is what the uninitiated’s guffaw will evolve into after getting EFAW.

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