5 delightful but dangerous lessons for family

the earth is at the edge of chaos and peril. but is also poised to provide hope and joy in our lives. we are partly responsible for what may happen if unprepared for danger so i decided that my family should learn five lessons that bring delight and danger.

but first, what gives me the power to decide the five dangerous and delightful life lessons? i love, believe, hope, act and reflect – these verbs empower me to do so.

first lesson : teach everyone to honor the fire element inside us and around us. we get fire all the time and burning has always fascinated me. as a child, i often looked for the matches that my mother used and i wanted to see what i could burn. i would lit a candle and create shadow plays under our house. our house never got burned with my experiments because i always had water ready for dousing the fire i built under the house. as i grew older, i saw that people would burn their establishments when business was bad in our town, lucena. there were many times when we would leave our house because the fire was swallowing our neighbourhood. one christmas time in the late 1950s, the delight in creating fire became a traumatic experience for me and my siblings. but i also learned to cope with disaster as more fires hit lucena.

when i became an adult, i discovered another fire – the fire in my belly. the fire in my belly brought me to act on national issues and i became an activist. honoring the fire element in my belly taught me many things . i met many people including my soulmate edicio. the fires in our bellies kept getting hotter, bringing both delight and danger to our lives.

the second lesson is knowing the water element in us. water brings life. water challenges us to live well. the first contact is the water within our mother’s womb. we become a human being by swimming inside our mother. i often wondered why people say “oh her waterbag broke!” when my mother Nene was about to give birth. i understood it better when our fifth sibling jojie was born in our home. i saw my mother give birth and was i awed by her power! she gave birth to 13 children and that i cannot match.

the precious lesson that every woman carries is to have her baby swim in love. i gave laraine all the love while she was inside me. men have their sperms swim inside women but all of us take water from our mothers. no other human being can match the power of our mother’s womb. the secret mantra of all life’s joys is found in a woman’s pelvic temple and its springs. honor thy mother and thy spouse.

third lesson is the ability to fly. we dream, we inspire,we fly. children are the first to note this when they jump from the bed. we should spread our wings and let all our imagination soar. i remember the thrill of climbing a tree and jumping from a branch. as a girl, i wanted to go up the fiesta pole to get the prize money but only boys were allowed. besides they would grease the bamboo pole and made it difficult to climb to the top. so i dreamt of the skies and discovering new things. when i saw the movie ” around the world in 80 days”, i dreamt of flying around the world and i did! thanks to my husband edicio who brought me to rome in 1980 and started my globe flying life. i can never thank him enough for all the flying we do. what multiple delights i have when soaring.

fourth but nonetheless dangerous is the ability to unlearn what is not useful, what is harmful, what is irrelevant. on my list are habits that waste human lives and common resources. we buy things that demand energy and waste precious resources, examples are the luxurious cars that celebrities flaunt. but of all the human made items, the weapons that harm people is at the top. the weapons economy has been with us for many centuries and has monstrous impact, eg. wars raging in every era and culture. but for me, the attitude that wars are necessary and fighting in these wars is courageous is harmful. it can be unlearned. it is not too late to imbibe peace as the way to honor life and build the family of nations.

fifth but not the final lesson (all five are linked) is to swim like a fish, fly as a bird and learn to be both fish and bird. i credit my husband for this metaphor and many of his paintings dramatize this lesson. the story is simple : as birds fly in formation, they see where they can go and they fly in unison. they brave the currents and know what the seasons demand of them. birds do not waste time and energy. they live, they fly, they mate and worry not.as for the fish, they also live as schools and explore the deepest of oceans. fishes thrive in the most difficult of terrains but they also developed sophisticated biological radars for avoiding danger.

as a woman of this century i hope my daughter laraine will see the wisdom in being bird and fish. the bird provides a perspective that we share and the fish allows us to explore the breath and depth of living delightfully and dangerously.

i pray that laraine’s future will have fire, water and lots of flying. that she will learn for herself what it means to honor the fire and water in her life. to breath like the bird and the fish is poetry in motion.

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One Comment on “5 delightful but dangerous lessons for family”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Beautiful! Your juxtapositions of delight and danger, fire and water, flying and swimming. show the wide range of opportunities for living a full life. At my age, I still have some fire in me and take delight in trying new things. I was at a Spice Girls concert at the Staples Center not too long ago and experienced the delight of seeing a good performance and the danger of breaking my eardrums from the screaming fans. Hermie and I fly whenever we can to the Philippines and allow ourselves to swim in the excesses of Las Vegas occasionally. Carpe diem. If money runs out before we’re done living, just shoot us! Kidding aside, your blog is an affirmation of the wisdom in our decision to retire early. Sometimes, we worry about money too much we lose sight of what’s more important in life. Re Naujan, OMASC is in the process of organizing relief operations. It is donating $5000 for the purchase and distribution of food to the needy victims. It’s happening within the next week or two. My sister Linda in Manila (OMASC liaison) is coordinating the effort. Happy New Year, dear friend!

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