delicious lucena feast

come to my lucena birthday party. am going to be 57 xmases and i feel great.. i have designed half of my party because my right brain is rising as host to this birthday feast. am inviting my families and friends from all over, from san francisco to new york, from scotland to singapore to come to my five-seven lucena birthday party. how shall i celebrate my party ?

as appetizers, i am serving gratitude pica pica to the people who made my two decades fun: my playmates mayette herrera-sunga, connie nava-tolentino, atet raya and charlie vicuna (who will have his feast in heaven). my gratitude pica and pica will consists of sweet things we ate in lucena as children – snowball in watermelon bowls , cotton candy bouquets in hostia wafers, budin and espasol wrapped in mam-in leaves.

all my 1950’s and 1960’s maryknoll and luzonian classmates will have steaming purple sinaludsod and pilipit dipped in hot chocolate. all these food will stimulate good memories.
while the appetizers disappear into waistlines, i will ask people to sip gumamela water with a hint of mango rhum. that will move people to talk and share stories.

after the apperitif, the first dish of chami with quail eggs and chitcharon on banana trunks will make its round. there will be five kinds of chami, using the various chinese lomi, bihon, egg noodles, buco noodles and sotanghon . five is a lucky number and whoever eats all five chami will get a dreamtrip to my favorite place in the philippines – siargao, surigao.

there will be seven seafood : pinais freshwater shrimps, sexy baliwis with garlic, oysters dressed in herbs and kesong puti, lips to lips scallops with ginger breath, walang hanggang dulong cakes, sugpong hilo sa lambanog and sili, and kiringkireng tinapa flakes on pako salad.

since am health conscious, i will serve lots of vegetables – laing and pinangat nursed in spicy coconut milk, okra and talong lovers’ delight, lumpiang burlesque and pickled pajo.

people want some lechon, so i will serve herbaboy , the only vegetarian pig which is a paradox’s delight and only two friends raise them ( emma alday in tiaong and angge & manny lahoz in zambales). surely, people will be happy digesting sizzling pig’s brain and genitals.

as for dessert, there will be a whole table laden with good news and laughter. am going to ask everyone to tell a story in any of five decades and sip lime. maybe even chew betel so that people can relax. or smell tsampaca, my favorite flower.

i will prepare a list of people i need to show gratitude and offer prayers for this lifelong celebration. the list will include all the teachers who gave me a window to the 20th century and a door to the 21st century. ever since i reached fifty, i celebrate my feast day with gratitude. that is a right-brain direction and i keep its energies flowing. my prayers will take the form of mandalas and peace cranes.


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2 Comments on “delicious lucena feast”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Happy 57th birthday, Girlie! What an array of interestingly named dishes you serve! I sit at your table and remember all the childhood food that were staples in my growing years. I have not had nor seen pako or pajo since I was in grade school in Malinao. Your blog stimulates many good memories. May you have many more birthdays and make many more mandalas and peace cranes!

  2. mvillariba Says:

    salamat mila. hayaan mo i will serve you a bouquet of pako ang pajo. then we will exchange all the delicious dishes our mothers serve when we were young. sarap!

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