lucena, the city of two minds

ed and i are excited with new discoveries about the brain. for us the study of the mind is like a glocal city – locally producing knowledge and emotions, globally learning in social networks .

our earlier blogs have been about lifelong learning and education for all. now is a good time to get my lucena friends and colleagues to join us in designing lucena as a city of two minds.

our brain has two hemispheres, right and left. the left is for logical linear thinking and the right is for creative thinking. lets broaden our collective brain and use it in lucena. why ? lucena city has two minds : first , a learning city with a sustained flow of eminent citizens to and from southern tagalog. the other mind, a city that has a greater future for the nation when it gets its whole brainers, here and overseas, working together.

the first mind is based on its oldest schools in the region with big student populations : Jesus Sacred Heart College founded by Fausta Labrador in 1884 ; Quezon National High School (formerly Tayabas HS) by the Thomasites in 1902; ; Tongho Institute by the Filipino-Chinese and Maryhill Colleges ( formerly Maryknoll Academy) by the Maryknoll Sisters in 1938 ; Manuel S. Enverga University by the Enverga family in 1947 . More than eight educational institutions collectively produced a million graduates for the country and overseas( simple formula of 10,000 graduates year x 100 years,1907-2007). lucena sustained its educational role throughout the spanish colonization, american colonization, japanese war and martial law era. lucena stands firmly on its achievements of a hundred years. the growth of the city’s mind is a product of its citizen’s struggles and the collective legacy of these institutions. this is a public invitation to write lucena’s past, present, and future.

the second mind is based on the growth of its overseas lucenahin communities. am stressing the partnership role of overseas citizens, especially the alumnae associations in North America, eg. Maryknoll batches, Enverga alumnae,QHNS alumnae, because they have the capacity to generate innovation and help lucena face its current challenges. with the web, our citizens can work on various governance issues. am already part of the lucena historical committee and have already gotten good feedback in posting 1900 fotos of lucena.  thru the web, am able to gather stories of mothers who braved bringing up 11 children singlehandedly and raise them as compassionate citizens . willie pagsuyuin wrote about his mother raising his 11 brood; more of it when i get the pagsuyuin’s permission for stories). there are a thousand doctors and nurses from lucena featured in many websites. according to jimmy tan’s study on health professionals migration, we have the exodus of doctors and nurses for the western countries while our rural hospitals are in dire need of their services. lucena has many nursing schools and hospitals. my relatives and classmates in maryknoll and enverga are health professionals who have migrated to the USA and europe but they are helping lucena regularly. with the health and education situation nearing crisis levels, we call on our overseas lucena kababayans : villanuevas, marquez-barcelon, bonus, valderas, lopez, herrera-sunga, macabuag, raya, habito, chionglo-franco, serrano-juco, nava-tolentino, vicuna, pascua, pagsuyuin, etc (please expand the list and join me in imagining a compassionate lucena ).

this xmas 2007 and beyond, we are joining hands and hearts. this is our concrete contribution to making lucena’s growth as a glocal city with two minds, a local heritage and a compassionate future that serves a global community.

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