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I woke up early this morning of the 6th of December. As the morning sun had been blanketed by the rain, i walked around my garden and felt good to blog about Lucena. I took the Quezon telephone directory of 1929-1931 compiled by Monico Songco, Quezon provincial cashier of that period. The telephone directory of 1929-1931 contained various vignettes and gives you an avuncular look of the history of a city. As I was leafing through the advertisements , many interesting stories popped up. I got the title of this blog from a fashion store – La Moda Elegante, whose advertisement in lucena was patriotic.

I quote its tagalog text ( it had Spanish and Tagalong texts) :

LA MODA ELEGANTE 93 Quezon Avenue, Lucena,Tayabas
Tumangkilik sa kapuwa ay hindi masama. Kayat bumili kayo sa amin.
Sa bawat isang sentimo na inyong maibili sa amin ay ang katumbas ay isang libong tagumpay ng ating lahi.
Samantalang kung sa iba ay libo libong pako ang nakalaan sa bawat Filipino upang huwag makaalis sa pag ka alipin. Primitivo Macalalad e hijos (May ari, owner). La Moda Elegante listed what it sold : ternos bordados (Ilo-ilo), camisones bordados,trajes de boda, s trajes de cristiarar, vestidos para nonos y ninas,tapis de aplication,batas especial perfumes,sombrebors, cuellos,curbatas, pajamas ,camisadentros, zapatos , etc. (I have photos of the elegant citizens of Lucena and Quezon but will use another webpage for these photos).


Advertisement on Education

Sacred Heart College, the oldest Catholic institution for men and women in Quezon Province, was founded on April 27, 1884. The school had its roots in the vision of a saintly woman named Hermana Fausta Labrador (originally San Agustin y Zarsadias ) who, at the age of 26, opened a Charity school to form the youth according to the ideals of the Catholic faith. Sor Fausta began teaching with sisters Fe and Felisa, cousins Marcela and Edeltruda started teaching in April 1884 in a house donated by Don Gregorio Merchan. It’s English text advert I quote in full with all its emphasis:

“The only school where all of our prominent Citizens have had their first training. The Alma Mater of a great many of our promising young doctors, lawyers , businessmen.etc. SACRED HEART of JESUS ACADEMY

Lucena’s pride and the only successful private school that Lucena can boast which has “carried on for twenty nine years” despite the insurmountable hardships it encountered.

Keeping in March with progress, you can be sure, for it has the Primary, Intermediate and First and Second Year Departments RECOGNIZED by the Government.

We are fit to educate and guide along your children – send them to us, for we have proven our worth.

Last but not the least the greatest worry that parents have is the safeguarding of their daughters from the pitfalls and snares of this modern world…we have a DORMITORY too where we care for them. ” Fausta Labrador, Directress


Fast forward to its 2007 website and see how far it has articulated its mission and goals. I quote a line from its goals :

The promotion of the pedagogical principles which will lead to the formation of well integrated personalities (maka-Diyos, maka-buhay, maka-tao, maka-dukha, maka-baya, maka-kalikasan) committed to evangelization and social transformation.

YES! all you who went through its portals, including my nephews and nieces, we call you to breathe and model all six Filipino traits now that our nation needs you most.

Advert on READING the Future

Bazar Mohamed Alam

13 Quezon Avenue – Tapat ng Simbahan,Lucena ,Tayabas

Manghuhula sa lahat ng Kapalaran

Walang bayad basta bumili sa kanya ng paninda

Matatapgpuan ninyo ang lahat ng kailangan ng moda

Pinakamura sa lahat sa boong lalawigan ng Tayabas ! Pasok at Subukin ninyo!

Many customers took its free service by a man whose name was ALAM ( know) . This era was the roaring twenties where our grandparents danced to american, spanish and european influences but expressed its altruism in being elegant Filipinos.

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