the nationalist yuyitung family

last nov.30, we honored Rizal Chang Keng Yuyitung and put his name on the wall of remembrance in bantayog ng mga bayani. now we have three Yuyitung heroes : Yu yi tung , the father and his sons, Quintin and Rizal. if the young generation only know CNN, our generation and those of our parents know CCN (Chinese Commercial News), the chinese newspaper that breathed press freedom in three eras, 1930’s, 1940’s up to the 1970’s. it was great that his wife Veronica and whole clan attended the rites, some members coming from china, canada and the USA. there were children and the youngest was a two month old baby. the yuyitung’s struggle spanned many generations and their clan witnessed the birth, cruxifiction, death and resurrection of the pioneers, Yuyitung, Quintin and Rizal. Yu yitung was killed by the japanese for refusing to use CCN as their mouthpiece in 1942. Rizal and Quintin were persecuted, kidnapped and deported by the marcos regime for pursuing press freedom and standing up for the freedom of a free people. the two yuyitung brothers became models for journalists who fought marcos and his cronies. alejandro roces wrote : at this early stage, ” i nominate quintin and rizal as my candidates for the magsaysay journalism award.. and if those running the magsaysay foundation prefer to conserve dollars, or think that the yuyitungs do not deserve the award, then i suggest that we tie a ribbon around the magsaysay building and ship it back to rockefeller.”

as we look at the families gathered to honor Rizal, my friends chato basa, vicky segui, vim and pangging santos all remarked that our nation should know and honor the many chinese-filipinos who fought for freedom from the spanish era to the martial law years. we should share the story of how the yuyitungs and their CCN fought for press freedom; what the american, chinese and philippine governments did to the publisher and how it won the distinction of being the longest existing daily in the country. CCN was founded in 1919!

we encourage people to read the story in “Heroes of Press Freedom:The Father and Sons of Yuyitung “, by yvonne chua, PJR Reports, may 2007 ,published by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility.

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