bantayog new heroes

today, ed and i will be celebrating four new heroes on the wall of remembrance in the bantayog ng mga bayani : aloysius baez, rizal yuyitung, nick solana, and lino brocka. every 30th of november, national heroes day, the members of bantayog remember and honor all the heroes and martyrs of martial law. as of this nov.30 we have 165 names. many of these women and men were our contemporaries and some died before they reached 30 years old. the youngest was nick lansang, 16 years old and the oldest was lorenzo tanada,91. the heroes came from all over the country but many came from luzon; most were intellectuals and excelled in academics, summa cum laudes and valedictorians; many died violent deaths; years after their abduction, their remains are still to be located; their perpetrators have never been punished; there are grassroots heroes; and a good number died as resistance fighters.

there are many names in the ‘waiting ‘list that tita thelma arceo has kept as chair of the documentation committee. ed and i gathered the names of the women in the waiting list and there were around 300 plus women. aida santos and i once remarked that whoever dies first , the living one will nominate those with whom we worked during and beyond martial law so that more women get on the wall.

to be honored on the wall, one has to qualify as having served the people during the martial law years 1971-1986; her/his family has to provide/ validate the experiences and the documentation; and a key informant may be requested to write about the nominees. since there are not enough documentation of people in and not on the waiting list, the people who are selected each year are few. we have called on many friends and organizations to help and nominate people so we could remember those who gave their lives to restore democracy.

how to nominate : items to consider and write about the hero or martyr

1. personal background; age, birthdate, birthplace, sex, civil status, religion, ethnicity, race (yes we honor other nationalities, chinese or americans)

2. educational backgroun: formal or nonformal

3. political involvement; community work, community organization, social service sector ,etc.

4 circumstances and impact of death/disappearance; need not die during the martial law period or just recently died.
5. at least three names with adddresses of those with whom the hero had worked with. request for anecdotes of the hero; any library article, unpublished or published stories during the martial law period.

ps. a friend asked us to nominate felicisimo patayan aka ka memong for next year. we are soliciting articles from friends and fotos to get ka memong remembered and honored.

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2 Comments on “bantayog new heroes”

  1. Amy Muga Says:

    Dear Girlie,

    I am nominating Fr. Carlos Abesamis SJ to be honored as one of the heroes for the Bantayog ng mga Bayani for next year.

    Amy Muga

    • Amy, you have to write Thelma Arceo, chairwoman of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Documentation. She will require written testimonies and validation why Fr. Abe should be honored. You should also ask Marilen Abesamis, his sister, for permission and assistance in producing the documents for nomination next year.

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