helping the poor 2

this blog is for friends and families who have many ideas on how to help the poor. our resources can be shared with many poor ( though i prefer to call them grassroots but surfing tags use ‘poor’ so let’s use it to reach out to many unpoor).

time for children of grassroots barangays is one service. last week, we hosted four barangays from caloocan in batanyog ng mga bayani. susan macabuag called me to assist her in hosting the children and their mothers. she asked me how to customize the museum tour and i wondered how we would explain martial law to children, ages 4 to 7. i asked ed what he could contribute and he replied with a song ” Meme na Bunso”. as we sang the song, i still found it a long shot to get the kids . how will i talk about the repression and resistance during martial law years? then i remembered my origami approach. so i made peace birds for the chidlren and the mothers ( around 40) and prayed that the visitors will learn something.

at 6.30 am thursday, nov.22, i got a call from susan that the bus was already in bantayog. “oh my God”, i had just risen from bed and so had to rush and get ready. clutching the birds and my origami set of paper , i told susan what we could do. we were greeted by 30 eager children and 30 mothers . there were four teachers and all have never been in bantayog. the mothers and teachers were born after 1972 and none experienced the tumultuous years of martial rule. i started the welcome rites with susan macabuag, fe mangahas, betty dela cruz and cathy of bantayog singing the national anthem. the kids sang with gusto. they all knew the song and that was a good start on nationalism. i started with a query on pets and the kids raised their hands. as the kids were telling what their pets were, i took out an orange craft paper and asked them its shape. “a square” replied the kids. i gave paper to the 4 teachers and told them to follow my folding exercises. then when they saw i made a bird, i shared the story of the peace crane offering of a girl stricken with cancer in hiroshima. i told them that the bird is Ibong Malaya and that all birds were born free. then i segueway into the importance of freedom and peace and healing our nation. i gave all the origami birds that i made. as the kids were playing with the peace birds, i crushed one bird with my right hand to introduce martial rule. with the crushed bird, i invited them to follow susan and fe upstairs for the film showing and the museum walk. at first, we were expecting that the video on People Power would bore the kids ( knowledge channel 20 minute- documentary). the kids kept playing around the theatre. as the film was nearing its end, we saw the mothers and teachers crying. then we brought them to the museum and the kids looked everywhere. the whole experience, from singing the national anthem to the film showing and museum walk, touched everyone, kids and mothers, pupils and teachers. finally we brought them to the wall of martyrs and heroes. they all thanked us and said they would bring more barangay members for the historical visit. that was a morning service we were happy with.

grassroots children learn fast and we owe it to them to teach our history so that they can make their future greater than our past.

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